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Ugh...failed 1 hr. GTT...

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When pg with my daughter I declined the test and had no problems since I had no risk factors for GD, but since we've got twins this go-round, I agreed to it (since the ENORMOUS placenta can put out some big-time hormones to interfere with insulin production, etc.), and just found out I failed by a lousy 3 points! The general cut-off is 140, and I "scored" a 143, so I have to do the 3-hour test tomorrow. The worst part is that my mother just sent Hannah a lovely Easter basket loaded with all the sugary things my heart desires!

So, though I expect I'll probably pass the 3-hr test tomorrow, send me some positive insulin vibes, if you'd be so kind!
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Not in your DDC, but sending positive vibes anyway. If you only failed the 1st test by 3 points, I can't see why you wouldn't pass the 3 hour.
I failed the one hour by ONE LOUSY POINT with my first pregnancy. Passed the three hour with no problems, I'm sure you'll do the same. Pain the @$$ though.
I took the test yesterday & failed also. By only 5 points. I have to take the 3 hour test on Friday. Good luck to both of us!
vibes sent!
Good luck to both of you on the 3 hr. I failed my 1 hr last pregnancy & passed the 3 hr, but I swear that 3 hrs is worse than giving birth. I am refusing it this time around because I will not go through that again. After the first two blood draws they got samrt & let me lay in a bed for the rest of the time since I kept passing out anyway. I definitely recommend laying down to sitting up. Let us know what happens.
Oh man that stinks!! But, I am sure that your 3 hour will be fine. Just put aside some of Hannah's candy and you can eat it after your test tomorrow!!
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I failed the one hour test with my first pregnancy. The three hour test was awful for me because of the fasting. I didn't get out of there until almost noon and felt so sick from not eating. I drove right across the street to McDonalds because I hadn't brought anything to eat. I really didn't think I could make it home. Bring along a snack for after the test, especially if you get sick from not eating. I passed the 3 hour test. I'm sure you will too since you didn't fail the 1 hour by much.

Goodluck with the three hour!
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I failed the one hour with my first two boys by a startling 180 and 174 respectively. I passed the three hour with flying colors. With #3 I passed with a 138 after fasting for 12 hours before.. My doc doesn't know why I react so poorly to the one hour test, but told me not to worry about it, that it doesn't mean anything. I'm not pre-diabetic, I've been tested so I figure I'll have to live with it. I take it in 3 weeks so I'll be almost 30wks when I take it. I'm going to fast again and take it first thing in the AM and I'm hoping to sneak under the radar again cause I hate that three hour test. No pregnant woman should have to go that long without eating.
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Sending postive insulin vibes to you today, Cindi

And sending some of the same stuff to Camsmom Friday

Is that the nasty drink test? So glad i'm skipping that this time around. With my 2nd i puked the drink up as soon as i got it down and had to reschedule it. Never take the test when you've sucked down a huge quantity of water for an u/s. Water on an empty stomach is puke city!
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I failed TWO 1 hour GTTs. I came within ONE point of failing one of my 3 hour GTTs... *sigh*
My thoughts are with you!
WHEW!!! I passed yesterday's 3-hour. I was within 8-9 points of the "max" on the first two hour intervals, but was 20 points lower on the 3rd hour. I still think I'll pass on Hannah's Easter candy, though...mostly out of guilt!
I didn't have too bad a time of it, even though I was pretty darn hungry by the end (11:00)--no fainting, no puking. So, all's well. Thanks for your positive thoughts!

Originally Posted by cjcolorado
WHEW!!! I passed yesterday's 3-hour.
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I passed my 3 hour this morning as well. I felt very nauseous a couple of times and really sleepy during the 1st hour, but all went well. They didn't tell me what my #'s were this time, but the nurse was very positive. All I can tell you is 15 hours is way to long for a pregnant woman to not be able to eat!
Oh, i soo don't want to do that test this time. I'm still get nauseous everyday and gag often if i don't eat often. I have bad heartburn and it doens't matter what i ate. I can't see myself doing that test without puking or gagging during the whole time.
I'm so glad you passed.. I haven't taken that test with the last 3 babies, but I remember it was so sugary..YUCK!
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