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Ugh...I can't find it anywhere

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We had settled on a Vivo as a booster, but I can't find ANY in stores and the one we want is sold out in all the stores online. It's the one with the Blush cover. Have they stopped making these? I'm open to another cover on the Vivo, but they don't seem to carry them WITHOUT black in the cover. We live at a high altitude and it gets hot quick. There is no way my child would tolerate a seat that is bringing in heat.

If I can't find a Vivo with a cover we can use, what would you recommend?
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Last I talked someone who worked with Recaro, the blush was discontinued. So unless you can find one at a Big Lots, or somewhere else, they are gone. Would it be possible to swap covers with someone or see if you can purchase just the cover? (as the cover isn't a safety thing, I'd not be too worried about having a used cover vs having a used car seat).

Erm, other narrow boosters are the Britax Parkway SG (also with black on all models, I think - though wait just a min, I think they are coming out with some kind of a woodsy print - maybe those wouldn't be all black?) Eh, no found a picture, and they too have black around the edges. BUT, they also have pink, and the SG's have less black on them than the vivos. And the pink is mesh, so a little cooler.

The turboboosters are not as nice or as long-lived, but they are a decent HBB and come in pink prints and other lighter colors.

There is also the Maxi Cosi Rodi XR (the other rodi is not as good)- not cheap, really pretty and lots of colors, and your car MUST have headrests for it to be an option - it has to have a headrest or seatback behind it to be safe.

There is the Sunshine Kids Monterey, it can be a good booster, but not for skinny kids/kids with narrow shoulders/younger kids. Also comes in lighter colors. And it is not as narrow as the others.

Without knowing more about your child or what you are looking for in a booster, that's the best I can do. And you know about the recommended car seats list, that evaluates fit, right? Obviously the best list is best for most kids, but the others can work just fine as long as you make sure it is a good fit for your child in your car (like any other seat).

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