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Ugh! I want an AFFORDABLE & Trim wool wrap!

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Help me!!! DD is about to grow out of her newborn covers. Iam thinking about some bumpy day covers and some new wool covers. Since the winter is coming I would like 2 AFFORDABLE AND TRIM wool wraps. The Aristocrat we have is soooo bulky and not easy to pull on @ 4 am when I just wanna nurse DD back to sleep. So help me ladies!!! Give me suggestions.

BTW - I cannot afford to pay $20+ per cover....

I am loving
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Here's a link to Sprinkles wool wraps, which look just like Bumpy wools, but are less than $12. Unfortunately, I can't give a review since I've never tried them. It's worth a shot though:
Goodness Gracious

I have 2 of her jersey covers and I really like them. I did find that I needed to really lanolize them well when I got them...but other than that...they are definitely trim and reasonable in price!
Whoops! I should have said...I have 2 of her merino jersey covers. I think they were like $13.52 each (with shipping - I bought them 2 different times)

She has other wool covers too. I've only tried her merino covers.
I have a's VERY bulky! But then her covers are all different so it depends on what you get. The cover I have from her is bulky and sortof scratchy. And unfortunately...not the best workmanship IMHO. Quite frankly....If I had just stuck with that I would have never switched over to wool.

But then I'm not a fan of the recycled sweater covers, and haven't yet found a knitted wool cover that I found to be trim enough.

She is however very nice and helpful!
I don't recommend the Sprinkles wool wraps.

I would, however, recommend Monster Baby, $15-16ppd for a wool cover-- she makes front velcro or snap (will do side snap too). I had a tester cover when Noah was quite small and it was well-made, worked well, and held up well.


Also, since you are not opposed to buying used covers, you might want to post an ISO on the trading post and include specifics on what you're looking for (by wrap, for example, do you mean just front velcro or are other styles okay). Another good place to shop for used covers is AmityMama.
Thanks ladies, I am really liking what I saw at monsterbaby and sugarbums!!

I hope to place an order this week!
Karla -- did you try the Sprinkles? What didn't you like about them? I'm just wondering for future reference.

Oh, and I second the Monster Baby recommendation. Her fabrics are really soft, stretchy and trim -- and really nicely made as well.
For those who recommended Monsterbaby...which fabric/s do you have? I would love to try the jersey, since I've heard so many people rave about how nice jersey covers are but she only has it in eggplant and I'd like a more "boyish" color.
For monsterbaby , I have one in natural wool and one in black with a cool punk-rock patch on it, lol!

I love the covers, they are roomy yet very trim. And, it even held up as a nighttime cover, dh used it instead of an Aristocrat one time and things were still dry in the morning.

Also, do look for used wool covers, there are usually some on the trading post!


I did try the Sprinkles wool cover and I also had some of their PUL covers too, in the early days. All of their covers leak like a collander, they are just awful. The wool cover seems to use wool that has like no natural lanolin in it, and yet the fabric is practically see-through. Even after it was *heavily* lanolized, it didn't work against leaks. Now, this was more than a year ago, so maybe things have changed.

Along with those covers and my Sweet Cheeks diapers, I thought CDing products (after prefolds) were just awful.

I have two woolybumbums and I love them both. The pull-on one is bulkier than the wrap style. If you requested trim she could tell you what she had available. Neither of mine are scratchy at all, and I was very sceptical (sp???) about trying wool for this reason, and the workmanship on mine is great. She was fun to work with on the custom applique too.
There is a picture of my DD on her site wearing the lobster cover.

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My Stacinator wool is very, very trim . . . you can find these used from the TP. I think they run a little (just a little) large, so make sure to get the right size for "ultimate" trimness.

Personally, though, I'm sticking to my super trim Bummis pull ons for out and about this fall/winter, and saving the wool for home (don't know if that's an option for your baby, though).
have you thought about using wool pants instead? Just seems logical to me to just use wool pants and avoid the whole hassle of covers ... especially as it's cooling down a bit.


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