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Ugh. moon sand.

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After hearing such wonderful things about this stuff I decided to get some for my 2 yo. The package says 3 and up, but I figured that's because they don't want little ones to eat it. I had heard it was so great & better than play doh, because it easily vacuums up from the carpet.

I hate it. I mean it's kind of cool to play with but it's really just a glob of sand that you can kind of mold. but, it falls apart so easily. And it does vacuum up from the carpet easily, but then it's just wasted. Even on the can't exactly sweep it up and reuse it - at least I don't like that idea. For what it can do, i'd rather just have a tray or plastic tub of sand that she can play with. It's definitely not worth $4 for a little tub. I could get a whole bag of sand for that price.

I just wanted to give my review because i haven't read anything negative so I thought it might be helpful to some parents.
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Yeah, I can't stand that stuff either. I'll take good old honest Play-Doh any day.
FWIW, you can make your own out of cornstarch and... I'll see if I can find the recipe. I didn't like it either cause it falls apart, but it's got a nice texture to squish and you don't waste so much $ if you make it yourself.

Ah- here ya go:
It is just sand, cornstarch, and water
for some reason, I thought I used something weird in it, too... maybe a spoonful of vegetable oil or something?
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My kids love that stuff! I just make sure I clean the floor first so I can sweep it up and reuse it without it getting gross. My 3.5yo plays with his cars and little dinosaurs in it and he literally spends about 2 hours a day with it. (We've had it for months and it just doesn't get old.) I'm not buying any more though, now that I know how to make it myself. I agree, it is ridiculously overpriced.
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