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I can't believe the SMELL! OMG! I haven't put a sposie on Joe in over 7 months now, and after sitting for my nephews yesterday I know I will NEVER EVER put another one on him again! I don't care if I am wrapping him in our old t-shirts. Or letting him PEE on the FLOOR! LOL

I have gotten SO used to the cloth diapers, the smell about knocked me over when my DH changed my nephew. This kid's poop didn't smell any worse than a normal kids poop, it was the DIAPER that made it SO much worse! UGH My DH actually gagged and almost threw up while changing him. After he dumped the poop (with tears in eyes) and double zip locked it and placed it WAY outside in the garbage, he said "OMG I am so glad we use cloth!" LOL Why is it that people that use disposables that haven't ever used cloth, don't smell it? I never noticed it being SO bad with my first two (all sposied
) but I hated changing poops then too, now it doesn't even phase me, NOW I know why! UGH She uses the cheapo sposies too, not the heavy perfumed ones but still yuck!

My Dh was so cute, he was putting the clean sposie on the baby and said "I feel so bad putting this on his butt, I wouldn't that nasty scratchy thing on me!"
I told him, put him in cloth we will change him when his mom comes!
He thought he better not, he was worried we would forget and lose a good diaper! (maybe his mom would have noticed the difference and switched, it would be worth losing a good diaper!)

I have talked myself blue about cloth, and babywearing, and breastfeeding to her, she just says "no not for me" which is fine, but she still thinks there is no benifit to these things (including breastfeeding, she sent me the Real simple story...) she also lets people smoke around her kids "big deal it isn't like the kids are smoking...." UGH so it won't change anything I am sure, but I do feel I have totally made the right choice, when I see my happy, secure, polite, non-violent, very verbal, securely attached kids play with hers (my three are about the same age as her three) it is very sad to see how parenting can really effect kids SO much....not just the diapers, but man how does she change that every day and not throw up? LOL
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