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ugh...rash problems

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nak...My dd has a nast red bkistering rash on her bum.
It is from pooing in her diaper during nap yesterday afternoon. I have been making a point to change her very frequently and have tried burt's bee, a&d, first aid cream, etc. What can you all recommend for me to try?
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Poor baby!

When Stella had a rash that would not die I tried everything... but Triple Paste was what finally worked. Normally I avoid petroleum products like the plague but I felt I had to try everything. In 24 hours a 3 week rash was completely healed. It is miracle cream. I think Lori (?) recommended it to me...

You can find it at the pharmacy or sometimes just in the diaper cream area.

I use the rash cream from Jack's Magic Beanstalk and it works like a charm even when Christian has an especially bad rash.
Diaper-free time and lanolin. Hope she feels better soon.
strangely enough, if you can get your hands on some silvadine (spelling?) cream for burns, it does an AMAZING job on bad rashes! DD gets HORRIBLE rashes if she has yogurt & tomatoes in the same day, or yogurt 2 days in a row - ugh. works every time!

Originally Posted by Heather_the_Feather
Diaper-free time and lanolin. Hope she feels better soon.
Yes, lanolin. There is lanolin and beeswax in the Triple Paste. I tried booty free time and lanolin alone on Stella and it didn't work but for some reason in the paste it worked great.
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