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Ugh.. so miserable

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Anyone else having major bowel issues? For the last few weeks I would not go for 4-5 days and then I would have diarrhea and feel liek I had the stomach flu. This time this is day #9, I have went VERY VERY little just a few days ago, but otherwise, NOTHING!!

Ive ate some bran cereal, fiber bars, drinking lots of water, taking extra magnesium *someone suggested this*, etc..

Guess I am just whining.. Anyone else having issues?
I am drinking some grape and apple juice but cant stomach prune or pear juice as some have also suggested.
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This was my nightmare at eight months pregnant last time around. I dread that it will happen again. Although I can only share my sympathy, you may want to consider any supplements/vitamins you are taking. I realized in month 8 that it was the prenatal vitamins, which had lots of iron in them, that was constipating me terribly. I switched to taking 1 every 3-4 days instead and the problem really dissapated. Not one's favorite thing to hear, hey stop taking your vitamins, but perhaps worth a look.
Yes, could be the iron in the prenatals!

Other things that could help... Garlic, vitamin C, Ina May's "Sphincter Law", yogurt... Although the things you're already doing should be helping, so I'm hoping it's the vitamins.

I usually take kids vitamins.
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I usually take kids vitamins.
I take kids vitamins too. But be careful with those, a lot of children's vitamins contain aspatame. I get mine at a whole foods store.

Originally Posted by clraelle View Post
I take kids vitamins too. But be careful with those, a lot of children's vitamins contain aspatame.
Yes! And dyes.

I had to say "usually" b/c I bought a bunch of kid vites at Whole Foods when I was in the US two weeks ago, but they are in my checked baggage, which Delta still has, in Atlanta!
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I was having problems a few weeks ago. I wasn't going at all, and then I'd bulk up on fiber, and more fiber, and more, and then move to magnesium and more and by the time I'd go I'd have the opposite problem.

I finally got an herbal laxative called Swiss Kriss at the health food store, and once it worked, I made sure I was eating high fiber at breakfast and I drink coffee. The 2 together generally get things moving for me. Well, generally, the coffee is enough, but the fiber helps in pregnancy. Of course lots of folks avoid coffee while pregnant, but we drink the organic kind, and I only have half a cup right now.
Try prune juice. I think it's gross but you only need about 3/4 of a cup. It has always fixed my worst bouts of constipation when other things didn't work.
I've struggled with this too. No diarrhea, but defintely some consitpation. I used a stool softener to help get things moving and since then have made sure to have a fiber-full breakfast each morning. Can you stomach prunes? I also thought they would be gross, but they're actually pretty good. I can't do prune juice, but prunes are ok.
I have a naturally slow GI so regularly need to take OTC 'help'. I currently take Miralax twice a day, and soluble fiber supplements twice a day. Also be sure you're drinking lots of WATER. And, keep in mind: sometimes fiber can have the opposite effect and actually make you constipated.
Probiotics always helps. Or Kefir (which is a probiotic food), if you can do dairy. I find probiotics much, much more effective than fiber.
awesome see i have some acidophilus here...must try that!
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