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Ugh, stomach bug and can't keep anything down

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My 5 year old has had the stomach bug for 4 days now. Both ends. My 3 1/2year old has had it for 3 days and has now dipped below 30 lbs. Youngest can't keep anything down. Pukes EVERYTHING back up. At what point do I worry???
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I think I would be worrying now. Little ones can get dehydrated very, very quickly. Are they still peeing?
My little guy just had a bowel movement. It was COMPLETELY white. No sign of color or anything. Now I'm really freaking out. Our "emergency room" closes in 10 minutes, so if I bring him in, I need to drive 40 minutes to another town. He's really sleepy but he's eating an apple. I believe both of them have peed ONCE today (I was sleeping after night shift until noon).
So how are they today? I would be taking them to the ER if I were you.
They are both feeling a bit better today. Little guy still has a fever of 102.5 without tylonol and it drops to about 101.5 with tylonol. His BM's are light tan colored now and he's holding fluids down. No solid foods.....but fluids are staying down.
I'm glad there is some improvement. FWIW sunken eyes, no tears, no wet diapers are signals for dangerous dehydration.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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