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uht oh...

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The July babes are starting to stack up!! We're next.....

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Unbelievable, isn't it?? A little scary?
Crap, I need to get my butt in gear!! Time is running out!!
I am just starting to freak a little about getting this growing object out of my belly as the time gets closer. Any other first timers getting nervous about labor???
I am such a perpetual student--any stress dreams I've had about labor have centered around me not studying/forgetting to study/forgetting to take the class/taking the wrong class for birthing, not the actual birth itself! :LOL

But, yes, we watched birthing videos at our birthing class last week, and while they were amazing, some part of me says "wow. That's a FRIGGING LARGE HEAD THERE." I've decided to repeat a gazillion times between now and then, "I'm gonna get huge" a la Ina May Gaskin.
I feel peaceful and excited about my birthing time (labor). I know it'll be work and I am looking forward to it!!

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