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UK etiquette question/am I too sensitive ?

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anybody living in the UK who could give me their opinion ... that would be appreciated, TIA.

situation: I send photos of my children to their British grandmother ... we don't get a "thank you" or even an acknowledgement that the photos arrived in good shape ... one time when my DH sent his mother a photo via e-mail, she mentioned the photo to my son when she wrote to him but again never said thank you.

question: is it considered so common place for adult children to send photos of their children to their parents that no acknoledgement nor thanks are deemed necessary ?
... a bit like in the US, when the economy took a turn for the worse, we noticed that less and less parents would bother replying to birthday invitations although most birthdays were taking places at various commercial venues where you had to give a final number by a certain date and pay for no-shows too ...

it's true that we don't have a super relation-ship, nor my DH with his mother
maybe we just aren't a good fit for personality and that's it.

I don't know why it is bothering me so much but I really would like to know what it's like in other families regarding that precise point ...

somehow I just can't (yet ?) totally accept that it's "just one of these cultural differences",

we know there are cultural differences, we sometimes joke about it even = ... I'm french so we have noticed that DH tends to think that I don't say "please" enough, whilst I feel that DH doesn't say "thank you" enough ...

so what's the norm or the average normal reaction when receiving photos of grand children in the UK ?
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I don't think this is a nationality thing

My daughter has two British grandmothers. One of them would reply to say thank you for photos we sent her, the other would not.
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My DH's parents usually say thank you for photos but then again we usually give them in person. Saying that I usually don't see them displayed anywhere, so not sure what happens to them.

In the US we seem to send lots more photos than they do here in the UK. My British friends are always amazed at the photo Xmas cards that my friends and family in the US send. I don't think I've ever received a photo Christmas card since I've lived here.

I wouldn't take it personal. Maybe she just doesn't think a thank you is required?
Thank you very much for both your answers.
It's very much of help to read other people's opinion!
I'm going to TRY to not take it personal....
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