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UK midwife visiting Cape

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hi everyone,

i am a homebirth midwife in the UK and i am going on vacation to Cape Cod this september.....

i was wondering whether there was a midwife in the area who i could shadow for a day, to see how midwifery (specifically homebirth midwifery) is different to where we know, what obstacles you the system works for you (or not), hands off - hands on, what routine checks (if any) do you do....
just to get a little taster of homebirth culture in the US!

I'm a homewaterbirthing, babywearing, cosleeping, noncircing, nonvaxing mom of gabriel, who is three, married and will be on vacation with ds ,dh , mother in law and brother in law!

i will be in osterville.

anyone interested?

in sisterhood
debs x
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My HB MW lets people shadow her or her partners frequently.

Her name is Sue Smith and she isn't exactly on the Cape but could lead you in the right direction. I would really encourage you to travel to her, however. She is one of the area's most experienced and is who others call for breech and twin HB's.
Hi Debs,

I cover the Cape, you can pm me...I would be fun to meet!

Here is a wee bit about my practice.

If you are here on the 11th you could even come to a Massachusetts Midwifery Alliance meeting if you were interested.

September is a great time to come to the Cape! Paige
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