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Hi, I wanted to let you know that there is a great website, . After i had my baby, i had horrible coccyx pain, i had broken my coccyx years ago falling from a railing onto concrete, then probably re-broke it during delivery. It was so painful that i considered removal (of the coccyx itself) The thing that i found most helpful was avoiding my dining room chairs! I realized they set me off every time i sat on them. I tried to identify everything that made it worse and avoided it like the plague. I talked to my chiro and was just about to have some internal adjusting done (he would've had to go into the rectum, it is most effective that way
), but one day (after months of pain) I was getting back into doing some pilates and I heard a pop and something magically went back into place. I can feel the end of my coccyx bone again now, before that happened it was curled way up and felt separated. (hard to describe). Donut pillows made it worse, it actually seemed to put more pressure on the painful areas, but it might work for you. I also tried a "tush-cush" - it helped a little while seated. I also tried a piece of memory-type foam. It was helpful in certain situations, like while in the car - I cut a piece that was just right for that seat. It was cut pretty thin - about 3/4". I took a lot of hot baths w/epsom salts and spent a LOT of time side-lying. To answer the b'feeding with ultracet question, though - I don't have any personal or professional experience with nursing moms taking it. Ultracet is a combo drug, though - tramadol and tylenol, ultram is just tramadol. I will say that it seems to be a good alternative to a narcotic in terms of orthopedic pain relief, from what I have seen when I would get "floated" to the ortho floor.
Well, look at that website. It was created by someone who has coccydynia and is REALLY helpful and makes you feel less alone. Most folks tended to downplay what kind of really bad pain I was having. I think it is hard to understand until you have it. It is amazing just how much it affects your life and how to painful it is to do anything and everything.
Didn't mean to go on and on, but I can tell you I know what you are going through. I still have pain sometimes but nothing like it was.
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