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Ultrasound Excitement!!! Yay!

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Well I 'knew' I was having a boy but found out today for sure and Im so excited thrilled happy that Im having a BOY!! I would have been thrilled to have another girl too. I have a 10 year old girl who is stoked to be getting a sibling after all these years. They said everything looked good and everything was in its place. Seemed like the Ut took forever... its been a LONG time since Ive had one guess they have added more measurements to the procedure.
I had a miscarrage 3 years ago at 11 wks, so I feel blessed and so excited that this one looked good!! I feel great. Midwife is pleased. I also choose not to the 'testing' for downs, etc.... Im 35. I think it would be added stress if something was wrong so Im just going to be here in the moment and stay healthy. Whoohooo!!! Now we have got to think of some names.....
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Congrats on your boy!!

A regular, no problems, ultrasound can take up to an hour to do.. longer if your children are like mine and don't like to sit still for the tech. If theres problems it can take up to two.
OkiMom: Yes little boy was all over the place, moving, hiccuping, putting his hands 'down there' lol! Ive got a wiggler. Looking forward to it.
Hey Oki are you from OK? Im in OKC. Just wondering.
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Happy you're so excited mama! Congrats!
congrats on your baby boy
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Cool! Boys rule! My first was a boy and he totally rules. This is a boy, we think, too. Fun stuff!
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Congrats!!! Did you feel that it was a boy or that it just wasn't a girl?
I'm pregnant with #3, and have 2 boys. My first I thought it was a boy, my second I had no feeling either way, but this one I think is a boy! It just "feels" like a boy to me.

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