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Ultrasound in an hour, do I want to know? *updated post 18*

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Our ultrasound is today. We didn't think we wanted to find out the sex, but we kind of do want to know. My DD REALLY wants to know. I didn't find out with her and never for a second did I want to find out, I am not sure why I am starting to feel different with this one.

Is there anyone that found out and wished they didn't? Anyone that was wishy washy about whether or not to find out and was happy they did?

Will they even be able to tell the sex at this point? (I'll be 19 weeks tomorrow). My doc told me if I didn't want to find out the sex, book earlier (i.e. somewhere between 18 and 20 weeks) and if I wanted to find out to wait until 22-23 weeks because it'll be easier for them to tell. So, I booked an earlier one thinking we didn't want to find out, but I don't know anymore!!

Anyone have any advice?
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Sorry I'm not on time to answer before your appt. With our first dd we gad an u/s at 17-18 wks and the tech said she was 80% sure of a girl. We then had others and it was easier to tell she was a girl on the later ones but it was still possible at an early one.

So, what did you decide????
Yes, what did you decide?
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a surprise! We figured we wouldn't mention a thing and decide if the tech asked us if we wanted to know. Well the tech never said a word, so we didn't either! Thus, at this point we are not finding out. That being said, they want me to come back for another ultrasound in 4-6 weeks because they said the baby has a fluid filled cyste on either side of it's brain.
The doc (that came in after to talk to me about the results) said that these usually go away on their own and babies are 100% fine but in rare cases these cysts can be linked to other problems. He told me this isn't something to worry about....ya right. I am totally freaked out now and am going to do some internet research. I was so stunned when he told me that I didn't bother to ask any questions, so I don't even know what kind of problems these cysts can be linked to.

I've had a bad cold/flu for the last 4 days and feel like crap and a few things have already not gone right over the last few days. So, that combined with preggo hormones and this cyst thing is more than I can handle right now.

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Please search here on mothering about the cysts. Apparantly that is a VERY common thing to find on ultrasound. There is even a website devoted to this finding, if I am remembering correctly. I'm sorry you have this added stress.

Good for you holding your ground on not finding out the sex! It is so tempting to find out.. I am too impatient and found out but the next day I was thinking, it would have been such a great surprise.
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Sorry hon! But I really would try to not worry about it now especially since they can't tell you anything anyways and it is usually nothing. I know easier said than done but the stress will not do the baby any good.
The only thing I know about cyst-like things on the brain are what is called an encephelocele (spinal fluid leak that results in a cyst outside the head), which is also a very vague concept because it could be something that is associated with a minor condition or about 10 other things. But it IS VERY rare, and i don't even know if that is something they can see before birth. Just the fact that they didn't want to send you for a level 2 ultrasound right away tells you they aren't that concerned at this point so I would try to follow suit. But if you have questions you should call your doctor now and ask whatever you didn't ask before. You have a right to know and not have to wait.
Good luck!
I'm glad you didn't have to make a decision about the gender. It takes the pressure off of you. I don't know a whole lot about the cysts but my friend's cousin's baby had them and they turned out to not be a problem at all. He has other minor probs but they were due to his momma doing drugs, drinking, and smoking. Most likely they will not be an issue for you at all.
Thanks everyone.
I think DH just emailed me the web site about the cysts that mat4mel mentioned I am going to do a LOT of reading on that site and of course research right on MDC.

I made myself some lunch and am already feeling a bit better. And the fact that DH has already found some info and that web site has taken some of the pressure off of me.
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Oh I hope everything is alright! Sounds like it's common thank goodness. Relax and remember you've got 4 months to do your research, and hopefully it will resolve itself.

- Krista
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TECHNO - i've also read that those cysts are fairly common and that later u/s usually reveal that they've reduced in size or are completely gone. Sorry for the worries though, I know nothing can take that away.
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Originally Posted by TechnoGranola.
That being said, they want me to come back for another ultrasound in 4-6 weeks because they said the baby has a fluid filled cyste on either side of it's brain.

I went through something similar with my dd who is now 1. During our US, we were told her left brain ventricle was enlarged and that was it. We went home and were horrified by what we read online. It took 3 weeks to get in to see a perinatologist and everything was fine 3 weeks later. Those 3 weeks were extremely stressful and emotional for both of us and I vowed to never get an US like that again. We did again this time but chose a keepsake place...just to find out the gender.
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I have another update. I called my doc right after the ultrasound to let him know the findings and to ask him to write me up a requisition for the maternal serum screen (the blood test for genetic abnormalities). My plan was that if the blood screening showed a higher risk for any abnormality then I'd start researching amnio and the abnormality and go for the 2nd ultrasound that was recommended. Well the doc called me today and my screening results are normal for everything! Yay! I realize this was just a screening test and that there always is a risk, but at least my risk isn't any higher than "normal" and thus I don't have to worry anymore that I "normally" would.

At this point, I am not sure if the 2nd ultrasound is warranted as the cysts are likely a normal part of the brain development (even says this right on my ultrasound report). DH and I are still deciding whether to get the 2nd one, but both of us feel much better now. It's not scheduled for another 4 weeks, so we still have time to decide.
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techno - glad to hear your results were normal and good luck making the decision on the follow-up u/s.
Glad everything seems alright now!!
YIPPEE! I have been anxiously awaiting an update from you. Good news! Less stress is always a good thing.
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I missed this thread when you originally posted & want to give you a big hug, Techno
What a rollercoaster the last couple of weeks must have been!
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I booked the 2nd ultrasound about a month ago. and figured I'd cancel if I decided not to do it. Well I got busy and totally forgot to make the decision. Woke up this morning, remembered the ultrasound was today and didn't have enough time to talk about it with DH so we just said we'd go.

The doc talked to me at the end and the cysts that they saw on the first ultrasound were not there anymore. This is common as they think these cysts are a normal part of the brain development and usually disappear. Everything else about the baby (internal organs, growth, limbs, etc.) were all normal as they were last time.

The tech was good and talked to us and pointed out the babies parts. She stayed away from the genital area but at the end asked us "is there anything else you would like to see, any other body parts?". It was hard, but we still said NO!
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That's great to hear that everything looks normal now!!
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: Glad it all turned out well.

Isn't that last minute temptation the hardest? DH is dead-set against finding out, I'd kind of like to but am humoring him. So we go in for our sono, and she asks the big question, and we tell her DH doesn't want to know. She actually says "She's the patient, by law I have to do what she says." DH just LOOKED at me, like "oh crap!" !

Yeah, I let him sweat a second before I told her not to tell us.
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