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ultrasound - stinky!

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It's always something... I had one at 16 weeks because of some heavy bleeding. This was a follow up to that. The placenta is just weird - it's horseshoe shaped or has an extra lobe.... No biggie.

Then today's US showed that the baby has a single umbilical artery. I think that's the correct term. I guess with cords like that, the chance for kidney and/or heart defects are much higher. They then look closer at the kidneys and heart, both of which looked fine for now. The midwife wants me to go back for another one to monitor the baby as this COULD be a potentially serious issue, I guess.

But, they are pretty sure it's a girl. The doctor doing the us said she'd put it at 90%, but Ms. Thang was hiding in there pretty good at that point.
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SUAs are NOT a big deal. Addy had one. really if you dont want another u/s dont get one, you DONT need it. however if it would make you feel better, do it.
but in reality SUAs are not dangerous. they are often, in association with many other markers, a marker for potential problems.
your lil girl will be just fine. dont let the medical minds freak you out.
Thanks!!! It's good to hear that. That's what they told us, but then I had to go and Google.

My midwife said she thought it would all be fine and left the choice for another ultrasound up to DH and me, but you could sort of tell she encouraged it.

This was supposed to be easy like the last time.
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They told me my son had this. When he was born it turned out all the vessels where there. My midwife said more often then not that is the case!
really SUA in and of itself is perfectly harmless. "they" say it leads to IUGR, but my DD was pulled from my belly ay 40weeks exactly and was 8lb9oz. not growth restricted AT ALL!!!
really what they look out for is other markers in addition to an SUA as a marker for things like heart and kidney defects, if no other markers are present then SUA isnt anything to fret about at all. make sure you get lots of fluid intake and enough protien. your baby is going to come out and be just perfect!
i'm glad the other mamas have some reassuring words for you.
i just had to have a level 2 u/s from an abnormal AFP test, so i know how the waiting game can be. i'll be thinking of you and your little girl, and i'm sure everything is fine.
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Congrats on your baby girl!! Any names figured out yet?
Go Team Pink!

Congrats on your HEALTHY baby girl! Don't let the medical establishment take the excitement out of a VERY joyous occasion!!! Celebrate your baby GIRL!!

Congrats sweetie!!

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We had one with ds,at least I think that's what it was. Instead of the 3 vessel there were 2-one to bring him nutrients, one to take away, is that the same as yours? Anyhow they said that a few years ago (so I was preg w/ him 2yrs ago) I would have been high risk, but there are so many pregnancies with only 2v cord that it's not any longer. They of course were still worried he'd be small and not grow properly-u/s after u/s because we didn't know to say no more. He's fine-he was 6.9,19.5" and perfectly healthy.
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