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Um...I have a poop question...

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Poor DS hasn't pooped since last Thursday! Makes for easy diaper laundry, but I'm starting to get worried. I've given him prunes and sweet potatoes and he's still 90% BF. I have been waiting to do diaper laundry until he poops, but I can't wait any longer. I betcha that will make him poop...put him in a prefold and start the diaper laundry. I even put him in his Elbee and nothing happened!
Well, if anyone has any advice PLEASE let me know. I'm sure he'll be fine, but it can't be good for him!
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My son has gone 7 days without pooping before! I don't have any advise but I was told that breastfed children can go a week sometimes without pooping and it's perfectly normal. Depends on the age though... I think mine was just over one. Younger or much older kids I don't know... Sorry I'm not much help!

My friend's baby used to go once a week. I think she just threw the whole outfit out after it happened. She used sposies, though. I'm SURE she wouldn't have had such blowouts with a CLOTH diaper.
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Try bicycling his leggies. That sometimes worked for dd. She was anemic and those iron supplements made her poop soooo firm and icky and constipated.

She's now back to normal after stopping the iron.... she poops 3x/day at 18 months!!!
1. bottle of water or water with a bit of prune juice in it
2. bicycle the legs
3. massage the lower abdomen with finger tips gently
4. if all else fails, you can use glycerin suppositories for infants or put some petroleum jelly on the tip of a thermometer and gently insert in rectum about 1/2 inch to get things moving....I'd call my ped before doing either of these though for more thorough instructions

Hi mama, I wouldn't worry about it. Some babies only poop once a week. Ds was a once a week pooper. :LOL
I was so worried the first week it happened that I called the doctor, and he said it was totally normal. It started when my ds was about the same age, right after we started some solids and he was still mostly bf. Their little stomachs start transferring over from one kind of processing to another when they start solids...if that makes sense?
(I know...I did a little too much research.
I gave him prunes, and it just gave him gas.
It was that way for a couple of months and he would be cranky on "poop" days. I also rubbed and massaged his little legs when I changed his diaper, and that always helped a ton. Now he eats three meals a day and poops at least once a day. He poops alot when I am changing his diaper, and I think it is because I used to massage him. :LOL He's all relaxed and programmed! :LOL
Anyway, I hope that helps.

How many times did I type poop?!

ETA: It is better for them to go on their own without the use of prunes, etc. Unless it has been longer than 7 days, or they are obviously having a hard time trying to go.
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My ds was bfed 90% of the time and sometimes he would go once a week and sometimes 4 times a day. Strange, I know!
I used to do this stretching out thing with dd2 - I would put her on her back, stretch her legs out straight while massaging them and her abdomen. She used to have problems going but that always seemed to help her.

With dd3, all I have to do is wash diapers - once everything is clean and put away, she poops every time :LOL
I would only be concerned if he acted uncomfortable. When my son was an infant, he'd go 6-12 days b/t poops. He was exc. bfed at that point though. BUT if your ds isn't crying or trying to poop it should be just fine.
Don't overdo the prunes and peaches and such if he's not actually acting constipated or you'll get the nastiest surprise when he does decide to go. :LOL

And if you really want him to go, just dress him in his nicest diaper and outfit, make plans and meet some people at a super nice restaurant OR go somewhere inconvenient with no wet wipes. Okay... not the best idea, but things like that always seems to make kids wanna poop.
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I agree with everyone else.. when DD was mostly bf she would sometimes go 7 days... and sometimes she would go 3 or 4 times a day! I would just hang out and see what happens as long as he isnt in any onbious pain.
Just be ready to do diaper laundry again! My dd always managed to fill 3 or 4 diapers when she waited so long
FYI -- BF'd babies can go up to 13 days with out pooping and it is considered normal. MM is easier to digest so less waste to let out.
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