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ummm dischagre question yeah that's right i said it

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ok so i was wiping this morning and it felt slicker then usual ya' know (He he how crude am I?) so i look and i have a clear dischagre what's up with that?

also might have something to do with guesses, but i have been having some crampy type stuff and some pain sometimes sort of shooting type pain. ideas? suggestions? b/c i just don't know.



ps see after about a year with you ladies i no longer find i have to say 'this may be TMI" remember when we used to say that ALL the time. how far we have come, this little group of ours. ahh sweet nostalgia.
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I'm sorry I can't answer your question, but I just wanted to take a moment and reminisce back to the "this may be TMI" days.....

it's great that we can ask these kinds of questions and not feel weird about it.

Hope you get an answer.

Is it stinky?
Did you recently DTD?

Yep, you're right, we've come a long way, baby!
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no to DTD and no to stinky but a little more potent then usual. gosh what could it be? how do you know when your ovulating?? i think maybe not an infection ( i almost said /wrote "i think so not" which is what jewely always says.) cuz ya know there is no itching or anything like that. hmmm lurkers beware DDC mamas have no shame and no secrets!!

OMG ME TOO! I am debating right now whether to go rub yogurt on myself in case its the beginning of some type of infection. LOL I had a few TEENY blood specks too earlier today and I wonder if it's ovulation? Crampy and lots of EWCM when I wipe (it hurts a bit to wipe too but no smell or anything.) I know, TMI but seriously, I dont know how else to explain it!

WIth Jewely when did you get PPAF back? With Jevin I didnt get it back until 19.5 months so this seems awfully early to be ovulating again, especially with exclusive bf'ing!

Maybe it's some 3.5 month hormonal thing? Anyone else want to join our slimy crotch club?
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well i wasn't to informed after i had Jewely (hadn't yet found MDC and thought some of these things but no back up and a lot less knowledge) i received the depo shot so i bled for about two weeks every three months, (did two cycles then stopped)when i went off it i stopped getting my period again. then got it normally again at about 11 months. i think it seems a bit early to be ovulating again.

i can't get it checked out b/c i once again don't have health insurance.(by choice $100 a week is insane. we are going to put money into a savings account instead but there isjust none there yet)

I had similar stuff down there too -- not stinky at all, just copious. And the color was just not quite right. I talked to my new doc (fabulous woman -- had two of her three babes at home!!) who took a sample and looked at it under the microscope. Just a little infection. She prescribed a one-day dose of antibiotic cream and acidophilus. I'm back to normal now.

Originally Posted by jewelysmommy
how do you know when your ovulating??
Of course, everybody's different, but when I ovulate, I feel crampy, especially on the side that's ovulating, and get some thick mucousy discharge. Not a lot, and not ongoing, I just notice it over the course of a day or so.

About when ovulation returns: with DCs 1 and 2, I didn't ovulate at all until they were down to less than once a day nursing and almost weaned - like 3-4 "nursy"s a week or so.

However... I do have a crunchy friend who ebfs and she always started ovulating at 4 weeks PP with each of her 4 boys.
Yeah, the "no AF until 6 months pp when exclusively breastfeeding" rule isn't absolute... my aunt got her cycle back at about 8 weeks postpartum even with round-the-clock exclusive breastfeeding. *shrug* Sounds to me like you're in your fertile phase, but you could always take some acidophilus caplets if you're concerned about an infection (and insert them for good measure - TMI? hehe...)
I started ovulating already. I've always been able to feel when I ovulate, it feels pinchy and crampy on that side (or sides on a twin month). I bet a lot of women feel it but don't realize what it is, and it can cause excess stuff down there.

I got my AF back already at almost 3 months PP. I didn't get it back until 7 months PP with my 2 yr old, so this kind of sucks. I have to rush my DH into getting his V done. Oy, I have a feeling we might have an unexpected pregnancy if he doesn't get his butt in soon, and all he says about it is, if it's meant to be it'll happen. Whatever. Punk.
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ok i am really going to sound stupid here for a minute but bear with me and educate me, but please don't think i am stupid for this.

so if i am ovulating then inabout two weeks i should get my period, correct? just checking i mean i have never followed my ovulation or bothered to learn anythigng about it. but seeing as the crampy ness was on one side i think we could have a winner with the ovulation thing. but i am pretty sure i remember that you ovulate about halfway through your cycle.

the sad thing is i know a lot about sperm, like did you know there are three diffrent kinds of sperm?


oh and what's acidophilus?
i have discharge too

i feel like i am leaking

maybe it is a normal 3 / 4 month thing
E was 3 months old on sat. and we were out shopping for ds2's bday gifts (he turned 8 yesterday). dh met us later to go food shopping and i could have sworn i was on my period. it was really weird. due to my inability to maintain bladder control 100% yet, i am always wearing a pad, but i could have sworn i had my period. it just FELT like that much and i kept worrying whether i would leak through the pad..i felt so wet, kwim?
got home and no...clear discharge. no stinky, etc.
i never know when i ovulate...never thought i did! lol!
definately sounds like ovulation to me - if you had one-side crampiness and very slippery clear slightly stringy discharge. if it were thicker, who knows maybe yeast?

anyway, come on and tell us about the three kinds of sperm!
me fourteen.

i think it's the very beginning of returning fertility. could still take another year though or it could be tomorrow. either way lock & load before dtd just to be sure!!!

3 dif sperm - that the viable ones, the ones that have extra heads/tails to ward off other men's sperm and???

Originally Posted by jewelysmommy
so if i am ovulating then inabout two weeks i should get my period, correct?

if this is indeed ovulation, your period will show up in 14 days
(seriously, Taking Charge Of Your Fertility is one of the best books i've ever read in terms of learning SO much -- about my own body!)

so, i answered your question... now i'm curious about the three kinds of sperm!!
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it sounds like ovulation...and although most women's luteal phases (time from ov to af) is around 14, some women's are shorter. mine is shorter, approx 12 days...but i have long cycles usually. so i ov on around day 21 and get af at around cd 32 or 33.

for me, ov often feels a lot like extreme constipation on one side. LOL

this is from a booki read called sperm wars.

there are swimmers, blockers, and fighters.

swimmers swim. duh. to get to the egg and fertilize it. blockers get in the little openings and block them up so another mans sperm can't get through to the egg.

fighters swim around nd bump heads with other sperm. if the genetic makeup is the same they swim off to bumb more heads. if the sperm is from a diffrent man they fight to the death.

also if a man hasn't been with his woman for awhile or has reason to suspect she has been with others(all subconsious) he will release more sperm...less if he is sure she hasn't.

its all part of the survival of the fittest type thing. strongest genes win type thing.

i will have to get that book, time i learbed something about my own body.

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wow. sperm are absolutely fascinating. i'm seriousy...that's crazy! all our little diva egg does is sit around waiting for her man. LMAO!!! what slugs we are!!

Originally Posted by michelemiller
all our little diva egg does is sit around waiting for her man. what slugs we are!!
Pregnancy... labor... birth... breastfeeding... and you're calling us slugs?
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