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Un/Homeschoolers in Philly?

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I'm going to post this in PA Tribes too. I have to register my daughter next year, when she is 8, with the Philadelphia SD, as a home-schooler. I've been reading things on the internet that have been making me extremely nervous about doing this, particularly after having had a bad experience with them last year, when I filed a notice of intent to home-school because there was talk of the compulsory school age being lowered to 6. Anyway, I ended up talking to a lawyer, not my lawyer, just A lawyer, with the SD and she was really nice and said they don't read anything, much less the law, and don't really know what they are doing. Ha! Anyway, she offered to call them and clear up the mess herself. Now that I actually have to register I am having a total panic attack about how bad the reports are of dealing with the Phila SD. They sent me a list of things I would need to send them and half of them aren't required by law (like HS diploma) and then they DIDN'T ask for things that are required by law. I think the percentage of problems home-schoolers have in PA, most seem to stem from this SD. So, can anyone give it to me straight? Is the difficulty overrated? Do they ask for more than they need? How hard is it to reason with them? Any advice, stories, etc. is appreciated.
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I'm not actually in Phila so I haven't dealt with their SD. My ds just turned 8 so I just turned in my affidavit, (vague) educational objectives, and an exemption/medical statement. That last was just a statement saying my child's medical records are on file at his doctor's office, that he is under regular care of a physician and dentist, that he is exempt from vaccines as permitted by law such and such. They might get back to me wanting actual copies of the medical records but I will make them ask.

You know of the ask Pauline site, right? I basically downloaded samples and tweaked them to suit me. Then I printed them, got the affidavit notarized, signed them and mailed them.

It does seem to be true that not all people at the SDs are actually familiar with the law as it pertains to homeschholing. That means you have to be familiar and not just take their word for things and accept their demands. I wouldn't panic, just make them ask for everything in writing (if they call and you answer, you can just ask them to send the specifics in writing and you'll look it over. Make any excuse you feel like to not address it over the phone... kid just went out the front door and you need to check on her, whatever), calmly assert (in writing) that you are complying with law such and such and give them quotes. That is usually enough. If not, there is a homeschool liason that can be contacted. The info is on Pauline's site.

Are you on any of the Phila homeschool yahoo groups? They would probably be the best place to ask. There is cphg (Center Phila Homeschool Group but they have parkdays in South Philly not Center City). There is a North East group and a North West Group. Probably some others...

Good luck!
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