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Uncomfortable/Painful Movement?

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A little history: My first baby was breech off and on throughout the end of my pregnancy, flipped head down at 37 weeks then flipped feet first when I went into labor on my due date. He was born by emergency c-section. I often had painful kicks, movements, etc. with him, especially later in the pregnancy.

Fast forward to this one: I haven't had much painful movement at all with this baby, but yesterday started feeling A LOT of movement, like a crazy party in there, felt like swooshing and flipping or something weird. And it got painful at times, like shooting pain down my legs (sciatica I think). This lasted on and off all day.

What I'm wondering is, does anyone know, or guess, that this might be the baby flipping from breech to vertex? Or is it just normal to have this much movement around this time? Is anyone else experiencing this? I'm 31 weeks along.

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I am currently pregnant with my first child. I'm due June 9th.... I'm not sure if it's normal or not but this child is having a party in my stomach too. He's all over the place and if I dont lay the way he likes (he likes to be balled up on my left side) he will go kicking and turning and making all kinds of motion inside me. I hope thats not a sign that he's turning breech... Its already a fear of mine... They say June babies are really active throughtout the pregnancy... not sure how much I believe it or not but they say it's in their sign... Who knows!
I'm 31 weeks too and though it doesn't feel like flipping per se - this is the first time I remember movements being painful - but mine feel more like kicks and jabs and I swear sometimes like a part (fist or foot) is pushing so hard that it actually pushes out so far that you can see it and feel's really weird. In my case, I chalked it up to BOY since I've had all girls - I figure this is just a sign of the physical-ness to come
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Originally Posted by mcimom
I swear sometimes like a part (fist or foot) is pushing so hard that it actually pushes out so far that you can see it and feel's really weird.
Ha ha, that's funny -- it's like an image from Alien or something (but way cuter...
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Yeah my little one is wiggling like crazy, lots of strong jabs that actually you can see from the outside at times. If I happen to be leaning forward or have my hand down where the limb is jabbing out at the moment, it can hurt noticably for a second, I think maybe more from the surprise than anything. Last MW appointment baby was curled up kind of diagonally with her head under my ribs and her feet above my opposite hip. I don't even know what you'd call that position.
Oh, and I was wondering, what's the accepted wisdom on when the baby is supposed to go head down? I know that I still have time before I really have to worry (I'm at 30 weeks) but I don't know how long.
According to my midwives, they don't really have an expected time, they said even if baby wasn't head down by 36 weeks they'd still wait before they would want to try a version, and even longer before scheduling a c-section. I did read, though, that 92% of babies are in the vertex position by 34 weeks. Of course that doesn't mean they can't flip after that, but I think it's much less likely because they don't have much room...
This guy is so active it hurts much of the time. He's turning all over the place. I never considared a breech baby. Sometimes it's very painful in my lower abdomen/pelvis area. It's like he's trying to kick his way out! Sometimes it scares me. DD was very active, but usually as a result of something I've done to make her mad. She's still very impatient and a firey. This guy is going to keep me on my toes. When I went to the OB she said he is still lying accross my belly. Not sure what that means, but I'll have some questions for her this next visit!
My baby is very very active. Her new thing is to kick or punch at my cervix/bladder area. It hurts so bad I try to push her up a little in my uterus. At my u/s she was breech, but I have the feeling that she is head down now because that is where I mostly feel the hiccups.
i'm totally feeling this today! this kid has always been very active but today my tummy is sore from the abuse! this kid has not stopped all day. where's the nap time????
i actually don't think there is anything wrong though, but it does make me wonder if this one is going to end up coming early--as i am not sure how much space i have....
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Same little one has been playing basketball in my belly for the last week or so...very uncomfortable, sometimes painful. Feels like she's using my bladder as a punching bag!

Last time we looked, her head was vertex. That was about 3 weeks ago...hopefully she will stay that way!
Yeah -- I have my next mw appointment (32 weeks) on Wed. and I'm really curious as to the position of the babe. I've been getting sharp twinge like pains in my cervix area and I don't know if that's it softening up, or if it's the baby doing strange things. It's usually when I walk a lot or don't rest much during the day, which I've been trying to do a lot more.
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Sounds like you guys are experiencing a lot of the same things as me! This baby is sooo active - he's almost constantly moving and I will often have spurts where my belly jiggles and wiggles from side to side and you can see him squirming around like crazy as if he's trying to fight his way out of a sleeping bag! It only hurts when he pushes hard in my ribs, especially if I'm leaning forward.
I'm 31wks also and sometimes the movements are painful, I dont remember this with my Daughter so i'm chalking it up to being because its a Boy this time and he is constantly moving around all day

Originally Posted by DustysSweety03

I'm 31wks also and sometimes the movements are painful, I dont remember this with my Daughter so i'm chalking it up to being because its a Boy this time and he is constantly moving around all day

Mmmm... Don't know about that... as if this is a boy it is my second, and I don't remember this with ds1. I'm thinking it is that miracle that makes you forget EVERYTHING so you don't remember the uncomfortable parts of pregnancy/delivery clear enough so you decide, "hey, let's have another one! that first was so easy!"
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Well I spoke too soon about baby being vertex...last night I was awakened by the worst pain on my lower right side and contractions every five minutes and some really strange and very uncomfortable movements from the babe...I freaked and went to the hospital because I had that "this isn't right" feeling...

Turns out I was contracting every five minutes and my uterus was like a looked great though, thank goodness...they hydrated me and gave me two doses of brethine to stop the contractions.

So it looks like what happened was that the babe got into a transverse lie and is now kicking me like nobody's business. It seems that the flipping she did caused all the contractions and pain, which I guess was just some round ligament pain from her stretching my uterus this way and that.

So scary...went to the doc's office after being discharged and she did a vaginal ultrasound to check the length of my cervix and we saw what looked like funneling, like the length of the cervix has, there is what seems like a gallon of fluid between my cervix and the freaked us both out...doc wondered if it was blood and I just thought, good lord this can't be happening...but it's just a bunch of amniotic fluid. It looked weird so I'm on bedrest and will be going back to see the doc next week...

Plus, I'm on Brethine (yuck) and I hate feeling all shaky, but the doc said I shouldn't need it past tomorrow morning, thank goodness...I hope she's right...this is so scary.

meanwhile, to get back to the subject at hand...those little feet and fists are painful!!!
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oy julie! that doesn't sound good. hang in there! the last trimester is coming with a vengeance for everyone....
Juliwan -- Scary!!! I didn't realize that big movements could cause such problems but it does make sense!! When my DS flipped from vertex to breech at 38 weeks, it was incredibly painful and I almost went to the hosp. as well!! I hope all goes well and that at least you feel OK while on bedrest.
I actually love the movements of this little babe, but the splitting pain in my pubic bone I can do without and the ligiment pain too. Baby is really active and has hiccups all the time. When i started first feeling movements I would get sorta painful twinges in my cervix area, I hope that dosent come back I dont like that feeling.

This is fun....only a few months to go ladies!!!!
Month and a half for me! Can't wait to see my new babe
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