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Uneventful 15wk MW visit yesterday

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Basically, everything is just fine!

We did try to hear the HB with the dopple, mainly because I wanted Sam to hear it, but the Turkey was having none of it. The MW was able to hear it a little and so did DH, but it just wasn't the day for it, which is fine.

In 5 weeks I will go for the 20 week sono and then about 2 weeks after that I'll have my next check up. It's all so mellow, it's kind of bizarre!

Fortunately, we love both MWs, so that is really cool.

That's it!
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Erica are you going to try to determine the sex when you get your 20 week sono?
We do not want to know the gender. A part of me wants to find out so we can let Sam know (he really, really, really wants a sister), but we're not going to do it. Unless of course the Turkey gives us a show, in which case it'll kind of be unavoidable!
Glad everything went well and you like your midwives
That's always good! I guess the uneventful visits are what we want, right? I still have another week to go before my next one.
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