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Congrats Congrats Congrats!!! I know it may seem like a shock now but SO wonderful! Just think, the babies will be so close in age! It'll be wonderful! (this is coming from a mom with almost 5 year old twins, an almost 2 year old and expecting #4 in Sept). This baby wasn't "planned" either and I was a bit nervous in the beginning because I am still nursing a special needs baby and I was afraid the pregnancy would interfere with nursing but now I'm thrilled and know that it was meant to be

On the nursing issue, I was making milk without any problem until about a month ago (I'm 26 weeks). I'm sure my milk is dried up now and can't express any colostrum yet but every woman is different. I started leaking colostrum when I was preg with the twins at around 22 weeks (and let me tell you, I freaked out because I had no idea that would happen- LOL!!! Oh, how we grow!) Anyway, my almost 2 year old has still been "nursing" even without milk until 4 days ago when he hasn't nursed once! We'll see if he starts again

I wanted to ask if you've looked into different types of supplimental breastfeeding devices- I can't think of what they're called off the top of my head but have seen them. You can have the adoptive baby latch onto your breast while you have a bag with milk somehow attached (am I making ANY sense???) I'm not sure if this would help but here's a link...

Ok, sorry about the long ramble- I'm just so happy for you and your growing family!
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