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Unexpected sugery in the morning can I bf?

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Halls lookup please I'm having surgery w/general anesthisia in the morning and tonight I have to take 2 bottles of magnesium sulfate. How can I feed 4 wk old? I don't have holls book and LLL leader is out of town. Can I nurse as soon as I wake up or do I pump and dump? What about the laxitive tonight? thanks mommas
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Magnesium sulfate is totally fine - L1, or safest category. Don't worry about that at all.

As far as the general anesthesia, here's info from Kellymom:

General anesthesia should not affect breastfeeding. You can safely nurse once you are awake and alert enough to hold your baby. By that time, the amount of medication in your bloodstream is low enough that the amounts in your milk would not be significant. The point at which you wake up after general anesthesia is the point where enough of the drug has left your system that it no longer has an effect. In addition, pediatric surgeries require anesthesia - and that is a more serious exposure than through mom's milk. Mom might want to nurse just before the procedure in case she's out for a while or too groggy to function normally for a bit. See the articles and references below for more detailed information.
Good luck, hope it goes well!
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FEED YOUR BABY! No need to pump and dump.

Any worthwhile hospital lactation center will have access to Medications and Mother's Milk....

Put the burden of proof on them. If they have the research to say it is dangerous on XYZ drug, they need to produce it for you.

just wanted to wish you luck in your surgery, i had surgery when my dd was 3.5 mo and was able to nurse through the whole thing, even coslept with her in the hospital bed. speedy healing vibes to you, mama!
I went under general anestitic shortly after having a home birht (long story- it turned out to be a big fat waste of time! only regret of the birthing experience)....but anyways. I let the hospital staff know that nursing was importanat to me, and baby was not to receive ANY bottles while I was under. When I awoke,I asked if it was safe to nurse my baby. The Dr. said that their hospital policy was to not recomend doing so, but he added- however, at sick kid's (a very popular and advanced medical inst. in Toronto) they recomend doing so, so it's your choice!

obviously I chose to.

As for the magnesium stuff- i don't know about that, but it seems that pps do, so it seems as though you're all good!
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Thanks mommas. I nursed after surgery. Turns out my 5 wk old refused a dropper, cup, and bottle for 7! hours from my dh while I was in surgery and recovery. The nurses and anesthesiologist were wonderful. They looked up all the meds to make sure they used anesthesia that I could nurse safely and soonest with. The only problem is that the pain med I was given is oxycotton (sp?) and it knockes dd out. So last night dh would dropper feed her 1/2 oz formula every hour to put something on her belly that didn't have narcotics in it while she slept. She woke up after about three hrs of this and has been nursing from me ever since.
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