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Unholy bean reek

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So we cook a lot of pinto beans, and especially love home-made refried beans.

However. I have not conquered the UNHOLY REEK of cooked pintos, especially if there is a pan or little bit of cooked bean water in the sink. Ach, I can hardly stand it. I have really tried to wash everything right away, but with a 4-yo and an intense baby by myself most of the time, it's hardly possible. Sometimes I have to scrub the empty sink to get the smell out.

What do you do to eliminate unholy bean reek?
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I've never smelled bean reek, and I make a pork and pinto burrito filling once a month. Have you tried lemon juice?
Oh I totally know that reek you're talking about. I experienced it just this morning.
The only thing I know to stop it is either wash right away (I know, it doesn't happen that way at my house either); or stick it in the fridge or freezer.
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