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Unicornuate Uterus & wanting VBAC

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I posted in the VBAC section and had no responses so I will try here. I have unicornuate uterus that is good in size. I had an emergency c-section at 26 weeks with DD when her placenta gave out. My doctor and midwives are looking at letting me have VBAC but of course the doctor is more opposed and the midwives ready to try it. I find little research of vaginal births with UU but have certainly found it to happen.
If anyone knows the risks (specific to malformations like mine) and the likelihood or even a good posetive story about a vaginal birth, let me know. I am doing all the research I can and am hoping someone will have more than I have found.
Thanks, TIffany
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Hi Tiffany,

I have a corrected bicornuate uterus. Ah the joys of special uteruses!

While I have not researched uu, in my research on corrected bu I found pubmed to be helpful ( to a point, but when I really dug in medline was what I needed. It's really expensive to subscribe, but your library may be a member and then it's free. I actually ended up going to our university's medical library and really lucked out with that.

Are you familiar with the mullerian anomaly group on yahoo groups? They're a wonderful source of information.

Also, am not certain what circumstances led to your placenta problems, but exploring pregnancy nutrition might be helpful. Dr. Brewer has lots of info on pregnancy and nutrition that might apply to your situation. I think his website is

Good luck!!

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