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unisom for HG and prodromal labour

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so I take unisom nightly for my HG (which I still battle with at 9.5 months pregnant!!) I take about 1/3 a pill - so very little. of course the first 18 weeks i took much more, but anyhow. 1/3 a pill every night and I feel a lot better during the day. But I also know a lot of professional advise unisom for prodromal labour (and benedryl etc)... and it got me to thinking. I have prodromal labour for weeks now... any chance me taking that little tiny bit of unisom could be stalling contractions?

maybe I'm totally off in left field here and just reaching for an explanation... but I don't know. I have contractions almost every night and they fizzle through out the night or early morning. they aren't BH... they are intense and 3-5 mins apart and sometimes i have to breath through them and get on my bouncy ball and bounce for a few hrs. and then... it just fizzles back into BH style contractions. I am SOOOO tired! just wanna make sure I'm not kicking myself in the butt here!
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I've taken unisom for HG as well (it worked MUCH better for me than prescription meds ever did --plus I liked being able to adjust the dosage/timing as needed) but don't know about how it would affect labor. It may be you'd have prodromal labor anyway even with out the unisom? If this has been going on for some time, though, I'd talk to your care provider about ways to get more sleep (perhaps herbal remedies or medication). You don't want to be utterly exhausted and sleep deprived before your labor ever gets going.

Best wishes,
yes the unisom works MUCH better for me and less side effects. I still HATE taking any medications (it worries me) but it's either this or die, simply put.

anyhow it was just a thought. I tried not taking it for two nights and didn't notice a difference in contractions... so I dont think it's doing much to effect it. but I did get plenty nauseous!

thanks for your thoughts. oh and I am my care providor
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Well, I hope the communication lines are open.
Mind if I ask what the "head covering" part of your signature means? Just curious...
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Originally Posted by akemt View Post
Mind if I ask what the "head covering" part of your signature means? Just curious...

I cover my head/hair for religious reasons.

here is the quicky link:

but I could certainly go into more personal detail if you're interested. just let me know
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