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What church do you go to? We have been all over! Church of Today in Warren, Unity of Livonia, Unity of Toledo and Unity Chapel in Southgate. They have all been wonderful experiences and each church is unique. We live in Wyandotte, so most of the churches that I listed are quite a drive for us.<br><br>
We just visited Unity Chapel in Southgate for the 2nd time yesterday and really enjoyed it. The only thing that is on my mind here is that the group is small and there are not many children. My son is 4 so I really would like to see more of a children's program for him.<br><br>
I like the church so much that I would love to help them with this. Any ideas on how I can help find more families to attend in our area (Downriver)? Many people don't know about Unity or Unity Chapel in Southgate and I really think they are missing out. It is such a kind and loving atmosphere. This is the only church environment that I can see myself raising my son in.<br><br>
Any thoughts?
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