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Unlikely finds...

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I have to share with someone as my dh had a blank stare when I told him. At my local kids clothing resale shop I found a bumpy wool cover, a stacinator fleece cover, both nearly new and about a 1/2 dozen fitteds. The covers were $1.00 ea and the fitteds $.50ea. I couldn't believe it. When the girl was ringing me up she had the most perplexed look on her face and finally admitted she had no idea what these "things" were. I told her they were cloth diapers and she asked if they worked better. It was quite amusing.

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I need to go shopping with you! I have yet to find anything worthwhile at any of the resale shops I've been to.
Holy cow! Better than the Dappis at our local resale shop!!
Wow - what a find!! If I ever found cloth at my local kids consignment store, they'd have to pick me up off the floor from shock.
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I got 4 proraps...that's the fluffiest my consignment stores get.
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wowee, i'd love to find a stash like that around here! it's all ecology kids and dappis and gerber prefolds (GAG) here...maybe i need to check out some consignment shops in memphis!
I'll admit its not the first real find I've had there. The store is in the most expensive suburb and they always have them stashed in the weirdest places. I was actually bending down to tie my shoes when I saw them underneath the receiving blankets and such. Every other store in town only has gerber plastic pants.
gerber and prowraps are the most i have ever found
Wow! I'm jealous!

I haven't found ANY cd'ing supplies at any consignment or thrift stores around here, and retail only sells Gerbers and those ones with the sponge centers. EWWW!
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Thanks for sharing!!! It renews my hope that maybe I would find something cool too!

Yay for you!!!!
Sometimes it pays to ask the employess. They do stash stuff in weird places!

I asked about slings the other day, and they pointed me to the NoJos...I said, "Do you have any other styles?" And the lady said, "Just a Maya-wrap thingy."
I was like, "Where?!!?! I want it!" She looked, but it must have sold that day. It was only marked $10, too!
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that is so cool. I've asked a few times at the local resale shop, and they never have anything cloth related.
I've found Dappis and Indisposables (admittedly not much better than a gerber, same poly filling) locally.
I scored 25 Kushies AIO at a garage sale for $5.00 total. While Kushies may not be the coolest diapers, that find has done me good. My 7 month old still wears them and they are super daddy friendly. That's my best deal ever!
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