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1) How many days were you when you went into labor?
39w3d; she was born when I was 39w4d.

2) How acurate were your dates ?? meaning do you think your due date was even calculated correctly based on your real cycle or conception or ultrasound??
I made them calculate my due date based on what I thought was date of conception, though they really wanted to calculate it based on LMP. As it turned out, she was born on the day that would have been my EDD, had they gone with LMP. *shrug*

3) did your water break before labor? (they say this is uncommon)
Nope. They 'had' to break it whilst I was pushing; if they hadn't, I really believe she would have been born in the caul.

4) What symptoms did you experience before going into labor???? Did you have any idea it was coming the days or weeks before???
Well, I asked my relatives and friends to guess what day & time she'd be born, and my mom was only 15 minutes off, does that count? :LOL My membranes were stripped at approx. 4 pm the day I went into labor, and I had some cramping off and on until 9 pm, at which point I had my first contraction and was very certain it was a contraction! Other than that, no, no losing the mucus plug or similar.

5) Any other thoughts you think would help first time moms know about regarding due dates and labor (besides that they are pretty inconclusive)
Well, they are inconclusive, but some providers use them like the gospel and for that reason, I'd insist on what you think is the most accurate date. As far as labor is concerned, I told myself I could give birth anytime in a four week range. Hit about the middle of it, but it made things a lot less stressful than they could have been.
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