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1)how many days were you when you went into labor
Not sure exactly
2) How acurate were your dates ?? meaning do you think your due date was even calculated correctly based on your real cycle or conception or ultrasound??
No......I was given 3 different dates and DS was still4-6 premature
2) did your water break before labor? ( they say this is uncommon)
Yes it did, and contractions started immediatley there after
3) What symptoms did you experience before going into labor???? Did you have any idea it was coming the days or weeks before???
woke up in morning not hungry but ate something anyways, diarhea all day, major energy, baby dropped and began kicking alot
4) any other thoughts you think would help first time moms know about regarding due dates and labor ( besides that they are pretty inconclusive)
you said it!!
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