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I had a scheduled cesarean at 39 weeks for breech presentation with my 1st child, so my answers are for my VBAC since I went into labor spontaneously.

1)how many days were you when you went into labor?
I am not sure how many days exactly, but it was 11 days before my EDD

2) How acurate were your dates ?? meaning do you think your due date was even calculated correctly based on your real cycle or conception or ultrasound??
My EDD was very accurate, my husband was out of town much of the month that I concieved, so I know exactly what days he was home and what days we ttc since it is on our calendar.

3) did your water break before labor? ( they say this is uncommon)
My water didnt break until I was pushing.

4) What symptoms did you experience before going into labor???? Did you have any idea it was coming the days or weeks before???
I dont know if it was because I had never labored before or what, but I dont think I experienced ANYTHING - like crampiness, nesting, diarhea... I did lose my mucous plug in the morning after a night with several hours of contractions. My DD was born the morning after I lost my mucous plug.
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