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1) My first baby was born at 40 w 6 days, I think, based on LMP. I conceived him when I was 16 and couldn't remember the exact date of my LMP but was pretty sure (I'm sure I was within a few days.) I had just read Our Bodies, Ourselves and learned about menstrual cycles, so I tried to have my doc add 6 days to my EDD since I have 34 day cycles. He didn't want to, especially since I wasn't exactly certain of my LMP. He did, however, never make any mention of inducing or anything, and I went into labor on the day I would have given myself for and EDD, six days late by his count.

2) As above, my dates were pretty close, but not to the day accurate as I was with my other babies (charting and knew the date of conception.)

3) My water broke at 7:52 am the day I went into labor. I was just waking up and happened to be looking at the clock. First contraction was at 7:57 am, so right after my water broke. Baby came at 2:02 pm.

4) I never lost my mucus plug. I did have irregular contractions, sometimes settling into a pattern for an hour or so in the 2 weeks prior to delivery. The night before I was very restless, couldn't sleep, and played solitaire for a couple hours before finally going to sleep. Then I slept like a log until I woke up to my water breaking.

5) Due dates don't really matter. For the most part, babies come when they are ready. 70% of first time moms will go past 40 weeks. Being a few days off average doesn't make you abnormal! The uterus and placenta do not expire at 40 wks!
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