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Unresolved interpersonal issue

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How, if at all, do I come to a better place with the person about whom I have been strugging with in terms of multiple unresolved issues and confusion?
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Well I can certainly feel very strongly the lack of trust there is. And that feels to me like the biggest issue you are trying to overcome. I want to tell you that in my Intuitive opinion, I'm just not feeling this is going to be possible. (however in my own personal opinion, I always think anything is possible).
But what I can read off your energy is that you have already built up such a thick, high wall and I cannot see that you have enough strength to tear it back down. And either do they.
I think it's time to let it go. Remember, everybody is in our life for a season. Very few stay around forever. Know that what you put in was not a complete loss or failure,it's just simply time to let it go. Your energy will be better spent moving on. I wish you the best!

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