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I live in an area that has a pretty strong religious flavor overall, and when our kids were younger we did belong to the local homeschool association. I didn't care that I wasn't eligible for a leadership position because of my lack of fact, technically not supposed to be in the group either, but they were nice people and chose to ignore the fact that several families did not share their religious perspective. It was a nice bunch of kids and parents. I never saw any bullying amongst the kids...the older ones and younger ones ran around in a pack (or more) on potluck days, we had geography events and went together on days that the nature research center or the fort were open to the public, etc. As unschoolers we've never had a local "tribe", but there really are so many opportunities of one kind and another, that we've never felt the lack. Honestly, I would be much more concerned about location if my kids were attending the public schools there.

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