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I've seen the term "unschool" tossed around in the forums and I'm not familiar with it. Can someone explain to me what education beliefs are tied to the term? I am looking into homeschooling, and I want to learn about all the different approaches. Thanks!
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There's a whole whack of stuff on the boards if you have time to look around, but basically unschooling revolves around the belief that there's no need to formalize learning. People are natural learners and kids will learn what they need when they need just through living their lives. It's also called life learning.

We unschool because it makes the most sense to us. Kids come out of the gate learning - they're explorers and scientists at birth by necessity. We follow his lead and help him out when he asks but mostly we're living side by side doing what interests each of us and enjoying each other's pursuits.
Non manipulated learning. Keeping the love of learning in your child. Not fearing your child's own pace of learning. Trusting that your child "wants" to learn.

Check out this website for everything you ever wanted to know about unschooling.
Go to and type in the word unschooling. Lots of results & articles will come up & you can research it yourself.
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thanks! learning a lot!
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