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Up Close and Personal

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We are now coming to the end of our first week of CD, and things are going pretty well. We still have not been able to use the Little Beetles due to the fact that Ebay has been so slow in delivering the wool covers I ordered. We have successfully been using Fuzzi Bunz at night with minimal issues.

Thing is, I'm having a little bit of an issue being so up close and personal with the poop. It's very sticky. It does not just roll off. I wash every 2 days, and one poop diaper left stains on the FB
. I have bought some disposable liners (imse vimse rice paper liners from Green Mountain Diapers), but the fact that I have to use them all the time seems to negate the switch to cloth.

My husband is also very icked out by the thought of poop in the washer. I have considered a mini shower or potty pail, but I really have nowhere to keep it. I also trying to minimize the amount of equipment I have to buy. I think the hub would have a problem with the mini shower, too.

I am currently using Green Mountain Diapers not-very-water-conserving method of just running a short washer cycle for each poop diaper. I just started this today, but I'm hoping the liners will work so that I don't have to run the washer all the time.

Any suggestions?
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I'm sorry I was just getting ready to log off for the night, but I saw your post.

I'm giving you a bump.
Hope you get some good suggestions.
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Hi there:

Welcome to the wonderful world of cloth diapers! Just like snowboarding you need to do this for a while to get the hang of it
Don't give up now!

You mentioned that you don't have space for a mini-shower and that the hubby might have an issue with it. So diaper ducks (mini-showers) usually hang off the tiolet tank and take little if any space. I find them invaluable - you can buy one pre-assembled from many sites or you could buy the peices from a hardware store and assemble one for less (it'll be bulkier and probably less inconspicuous, but will work as well as the commercial version).

They really work.

Also if you're considering moving back to disposable diapers you need to know that the law states that you need to shake the poop off of disposables into a tiolet connected to a city sewer system or a septic tank. Yes, it's actually against the law to dispose of human feces in landfills. So one way or another ya need ta deal with the poop!

Anyway don't give it up, you're doing something great for your child, the environment and your pocketbook!

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I use the rinse cycle on my front loader for the pooh diapers. I think I'm using the same amount of water rinsing in the washer as I would be with the mini shower. The pooh doesn't roll off for use either. Yuk! I'm right there with you with being up close with the pooh. I also wash diapers everyday. It really does just take time and trial and error until you figure out what works for you. I have scraped the pooh in the toilet and then used an old soft body scrubber that looks like a hairbrush and scrubbed the pooh off in the laundry sink.
I'm not really considering going back to disposables. I think we are just in a transitional phase right now. My sister (she watches my son while I'm at work) is very supportive and is always calling me to make sure what she's doing is OK. Tonight he has a little bit of a rash and we had to figure out what to do about the diaper cream.

I really hate the whole concept of scraping poo. I specifically bought the FBs because the poo was supposed to fall right off. Apparently they've never met my son.

As I said.. transition. I think once I get used to it, it will be OK. Now I have this rash problem to contend with. Great.

I may have to just do a load every day for cleanliness. I don't think it would be too bad.


I just think he'd have a problem with me spending even more money. I've also read where the poop just flies off and goes everywhere with the mini shower. That's why I was thinking about a potty pail, but then I have the space issue. I wasn't actually saying the mini shower itself took up too much space
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I've got to say, I love the potty pail. It seemed like so much money at first - but was well worth it. I was like you - I have a 'thing' about germs and icky stuff (I hated the act of having to lean my hands over/into the toilet bowl - ugh)...the potty pail worked like a charm. No stains at all, no poop in the washer and my hands didn't have to go near the toilet or the poop
Ours actually fit in the space between our toilet and tub - is that an option for you? Hand cut fleece liners also helped - poop seemed to come off of them much easier than trying to get it off the whole diaper, and the diaper stayed clean....
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I was going to suggest fleece liners as a substitute for the paper ones, but it would be the same material as you've got in the Fuzzibunz already, so that wouldn't help the stickiness issue.

My bathroom is maybe 8x8 ft, including the tub, but I got the potty pail anyway and just keep it in the bathtub when not in use. We've been surviving w/o it while renovating the bathroom and I really miss it! The pail takes care of any potential spraying-all-over trouble and the hooks mean that I don't have to touch the diaper during the spraying. It's handy letting it drip dry before transferring it to the diaper pail, too. So it's worth both the space and the money to me.

As for any lingering stains, a day in the summer sun will take care of most anything. I'd try that before adding any more rinses.
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