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*UPDATE* (#29) Hernia in Groin - Surgery Alternatives? Help

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Finally, the lump in my groin has been diagnosed (after 2+ months!). It is a hernia. At this point I do not want to get surgery. I guess if it got bad enough I would. She said I could stay awake during surgery. The whole surgery things really freaks me out though and she was talking about putting a mesh something or other in there...I guess permanently. No thanks.

It doesn't bother me too much. Well, today I'm in pain after she messed with it so much and then I painted the whole downstairs afterwards. Otherwise, I can live with it.

Any advice, help, cures???
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I had one repaired years ago. Outpatient procedure - done laparoscopically now. You have a teeny scar and about 4 weeks of lifting restrctions but I was up and doing everything but lifting heavy stuff in a matter of days!
She said the incision would be 3" long.
Maybe it's because of the kind I have. Yours was in the groin area too?
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Mine was what they call a femoral hernia. Right at the bend of my leg at the groin. My incision is about 3 inches but doesn't show if I were to let the pubes be wild and wooly!
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Sounds like the same thing! True, the scar can be covered.

You know, I think the doctor made it worse when she was messing with it. It seems worse now.
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I am really upset. I believe the doctor tore the hernia hole bigger when she was being so rough and messing with it. It is bulging out so much more ever since and is uncomfortable. I feel like I've been permanently damaged against my will. It's a horrible feeling. What should I do? Is there any hope of it repairing itself.
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I would go see either that doc or another if it keeps hurting! Don't want to scare you but the peice of intestine that is poking through can get trapped in that hole and become necrotic - therefore having to be removed! Please go see someone today or go to the ER. If it hurts that bad it worries me and I am a nurse. It is called a strangulated hernia. It might can be reduced back temporarily and relieve the pain you are in.
Well, I'm not in tons of pain. It's just very uncomfortable. It feels like a baseball is coming out my groin. I am SO mad right now that the doctor injured me. How could she do that? The first night I thought I was just in so much pain because she was so rough with it and that it would go back to normal. Here I am two days later and it is so gross and uncomfortable. I feel like I don't want to go anywhere or do anything because it feels uncomfortable. It doesn't seem like an emergency though. I can push it back in but when it goes right back out again when I stand up. This is so F***ed up.
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My DH had double hernia surgery last fall. They don't go away by themselves. I would look into surgery before it gets worse.
I absolutely did not need surgery before she messed with it! She even said it was optional. It was totally something I could live with the rest of my life easily. Now it is so messed up. I cannot believe someone damaged my body like this. I am getting so angry.

So, you are saying the way it is now will not get better?
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IMHO, the doctor could not have really made it worse than it would have gotten on it's own. Hernias can become strangulated and cause MAJOR problems, and if it is painful and coming out, surgery is the ONLY thing that is going to fix it. Unless you want to wear something across it all the time to hold it in. Drs can be rough, and generally I stay as far away from them as I can. But in this case, I don't see that you have a choice.

The surgery should be quite easy and not too bad, though. If you don't trust this Dr, find a new one. But if there is pain, I suggest quick action.
No - unfortunately hernias do not go away on their own. It is a hole or weakness in the muscle or tendon that allows a piece of intestine to poke through. It will only get bigger with time and stress to it (lifting,etc). Hope you get to feeling better soon!

Originally Posted by Kidzaplenty
IMHO, the doctor could not have really made it worse than it would have gotten on it's own.
How can you possibly say that? I had it over two months and never got worse, only better if anything. She was ROUGH. It hurt when she did that and I was in pain afterwards. The thing is COMING out now! It was NOT like this before. I have three doctors who examined it before she did who can verify that it was so minor it was hard to find before and now it is so severe you can see it bulging. YES, SHE MADE IT WORSE! She caused it. She herself said it was a less than 1% chance of mine getting to the point of strangulation. Now, I think my chances are much, much worse of that happening, thanks to her.
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Ok, I don't want to hurt your feelings or anything, but could it be possibly that when you were painting the whole room right after the exam, that possibly you might have done something to pull it open a bit more and therefore allowed it to become worse? I mean, sometimes seemingly innocent activities can cause really odd problems. I have a friend who gets hernias like crazy and the weirdest things can "push them past the point of tolerance".
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Except I went to the store right after and I was hunching over and in pain. I thought maybe it was just normal soreness and that she had to be that rough. Something had already changed about it before I ever started painting. And no, I don't think it's possible that painting could tear a hernia hole bigger. Having someone roughly pushing your guts in and out through the hole probably could though. I do strenuous things all day, every day and it never, ever affected my hernia.
I agree with you - she could have made it worse through manipulation. Are you going to go see someone else? I would!
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I am going to see another surgeon tomorrow. I'll update. Thank you for the hug. I really needed it.
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I am sorry for your pain. And I did not mean to sound insensitive with my comment on the dr. What I was trying to say was NOT that she DIDN'T make it worse, but that if she did, then it was likely going to get worse on it's own anyway.

My father had several hernias, my daughter had an embillical hernia. Generally, manipulating it would not cause it to get larger. But anything is possible. The very nature of a hernia is that there is a tear in the muscle wall that allows the insides to fall outside. If this tear is going to get bigger, then it is going to get bigger. Walking, painting, running, carrying a child, any "everyday activity" can tear it larger. Drs, even the best, can not tell you when or if it will tear farther making it worse. And being rough with the exam could have aided in tearing it more. But if it was torn more because of an exame, it was likely that it would have torn without one. My father really needed surgery but he hated DRs. In the end, it killed him.

So I am sorry if I sounded mean, I never intended that. But I am glad that you are going to see a new dr.

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Thank you kidzaplenty.
This is not that kind of hernia (that you described above). This is a kind in the groin and I have had mine for at least 2.5 months with no changes...if anything it has become more and more benign. And I jog, carry kids (and other heavy things), clean vigorously, deal with dogs day in and day out, do a lot of "man" type of work around the house, and I am also a massage therapist at a spa - and people always want SO much pressure - I am constantly straining myself). So, with all that I do, all the time it was definitely not getting bigger. It was as it has been for months when I went in. Then after I left it was (and still is) completely different - so much worse.

I *know* in my heart she damaged me. Before I realized it and thought how rough she was was normal and that how sore and uncomfortable I was afterwards was normal I had already told everyone that I didn't care for her. She was really invading my space (like ten inches from my face - and if I moved back two inches she would adjust herself forward two inches). I also couldn't put my finger on why but I told my dh, sister, and friend that I wouldn't feel comfortable with her doing surgery on me. I didn't know why. Somehow I just knew my body wasn't safe with her. I just wish I had known how rough she was was not normal before she did the damage.

You are right though. I probably really do need surgery now. I don't know what I'm going to do. I have three young kids to take care of. I can't miss work, financially. I am TERRIFIED of surgery and have never had one. It's just so messed up.
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I hope others will take this bit of info from this thread -

NEVER stay with a doctor that makes you uncomfortable! There are too many good ones out there to stick with someone who you don't feel right about.

Mama - hope the new person ( guy or girl) is the right one for you!
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