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update, and thank you!

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Here is my first post here on mdc and I wanted to give an update and a thank you to everyone who helped me here.

despite one of his drs insisting that will would get UTI's and HAVE to be circumsized, he has not only NOT gotten any UTI's, and of course has not been circumsized, but the use of the betamethazone cream solved the swelling problem.

and, now that he's walking, he's burned up a lot of the fat on his groin (from below the surgery scar) and I have not had to use the steriod cream in months. He doesn't get the swelling anymore, and everything looks (and behaves) normally.

so, thank you. thank you thank you thank you.
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That is so good to hear! It must have been very hard to see him in pain. Good for you for following your gut.
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Thanks for letting us know, kondonis. Your story is what we live for. I assume for every person who writes to acknowledge that this forum made a difference, there are another 150 who got assistance and never had a chance to come back and say so. (I think that's what politicians have figured out).
So happy for Will and you to. Thanks for the update.
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