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*UPDATE* Hives... where do I start???

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Ds #1 is 26 months and teething his 2nd year molars pretty hard. It's pretty much screaming at the top of his lungs all day long. Plus he's broken out in little bumpy red spots all over his body. Started on his legs and there are patches behind his knees but now it's on his back and upper arms too.
His diet is egg free, dairy free but does include wheat because he has never shown sensitivity to that before.

X-post in toddlers thread. ANyone ever experience this before? Sudden allergic reaction while teething? Or is it just hives from the stress of teething?
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Any environmental changes? New carpet? Carpet cleaned? Is he breastfed?
I've never heard of teething causing hives but there is a viral thing going around, a cold with diarrhea that lasts for about 2 or 3 weeks. I got hives before, my bil and niece got them after.
i second the viral option. the whole time i was growing up, i got hives when the rest of the family got the stomach flu. so if there's a virus buzzing in your area, that's more likely than a sudden allergic reaction.
Apis works well for this. Dd had terrible problems with hives for many, many months and finally we saw a homeopath. Apis in conjunction with switching to raw milk completely cleared them up. Hives can be very difficult to nail down the cause of though. You really have to pay very close attention to everything that's going on. With dd, they came out of nowhere. I think her body had just reached it's tolerance level with pasturized crud and said no more.
If anyone is still following this thread, I guess I should update/clarify a little.
Yes, he is breastfed.
Yes we've all had the flu recently (twice).
Yes, there are environmental changes. We moved about a month ago - a very chaotic move. Without going into all the details, the person who was moving out of the place we were moving into left it a mess (and dirty too) with tons of stuff we had to clear out before we could move in... DH got sick with the flu the weekend we were moving, he didn't get any time off for the move and so our time was very limited and I didn't have the time to deep clean the place other than wipe cabinets and countertops down and vaccum.
We've been here for a month and I'm pretty sure he is reacting to something here. I'd like to steam clean the carpets but I'm not sure what to use. I've wiped everything down (windows, baseboards, fan blades etc) and have thoroughly cleaned all the blinds. We are also scheduling someone to come in and clean our ducts and vents (they haven't ever been cleaned). Anyone have any other ideas???

I think the bumps are separate from the patches - the patches are eczema and the bumps are hives. And I'm pretty sure they are all an environmental reaction but I can't figure out what.

I've added an omega oils supplement (cromega packs) to his diet and have been rubbing EPO on the eczema as well as taking it myself internally so it will pass to him through breastmilk. He's also started taking probiotics again. It may take a couple more days/week for the supplements to take effect if that is the root of the problem.
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