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Well DD met with the new ped. on Wednesday. She was shy and scared, but eventually warmed uup enough to play with him. Well, more like beside him.<br><br>
Looking at past doctor notes (and boy do we have a lot of those) and evaluating her himself (talking, playing) he said she is obviously developmentally delayed and would have no trouble at all getting us an appt. with the developmental physchologist..<br><br>
He said she is in about the 3-4 age range developmentally wise. She speaks about 3 word sentences, is a bit clumsier than she should be, needs help getting dressed still, plays next to someone instead of with them, is shy and attached more than normal (almost) 6 year olds are and has trouble communicating her needs/wants.<br><br>
DH and I love him. He actually listened to us and acknowledged our concerns. He said he will work side by side with the dev. physcologist to get us her diagnosis and get her help.<br><br>
He scheduled the earliest appt. he could with the physcologist and we'll see him on November 29th so the Monday after Thanksgiving. We actually met the physcologist briefly but he was in a hurry for a meeting. The ped. had talked to the physcologist beforre our appt. so he thought it'd be nice to stop by.<br><br>
We are scared, but so happy someone is finally listening. It's hard to watch my almost 6 year old struggle with things she should be able to do. It hurts to watch her next to kids her age because that just makes it all the more obvious.<br><br>
*sigh* Well, hopefully this'll all be over soon and we'll be able to move forward and get her the help she needs to succeed in life.
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