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Update on me...

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This morning I went to see the MW (a new one but in the same group~so she could be there for the birth) and it's also a new place...a community clinic. I changed over b/c it is waaaaaay closer to my house and I don't have to leave an hour ahead of time.

The appt went like this: I lost weight (10lbs) on the 1st scale so we went across the building to get on another scale, but gained (15lbs) on this one. She kept the 2nd weight
. I got my BP taken by a machine and it was 132/84 which is high (I guess, I hardly pay attn to this b/c it is always OK
) so then the MW came in and said that the BP would have to be done again (manually) at the end and we'll see if it comes down after the appt...OK. So she listens to the baby's HB and it is OK-she didn't say it wasn't. She left and the nurse comes do my cuff in the room so we travel again
through the building to another room and she does it twice~both are about the same a the first.
: The MW came in to explain what is going to happen...
I have high BP, weight gain, along with a little headache so that means they are going to investigate: 24hr urine test (I have to pee in a big jug for 24hours and take it back
) to check for protein in urine, then I had to get a blood test to check it out for whatever, and then go back for a re-check on Thursday. It all seems very urgent and she said that she won't give me a diagnosis until everything is checked out.

So the lady who does the appointment scheduling said that if I have high BP I have to go back to see a doctor in the other office as a high risk patient...this means NO birth center for me

So I am hoping for the best and trying to keep my spirits up...but we'll just have to see what happens on Thursday!
It also seems like they were rushing around and not very organized...people were all talking really loud and walking/bumping into others...maybe that had something to do with it??

Anyone else have this happen to them? Heard of anyone else? What helped?
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Feeling for you. My MW does things so differently - I do a pee test for protein/blood/etc at every visit. It sounds to me like there's some weirdness about "high risk" going about that place and they're quick to diagonois it. I'd ask about how many women they transfer out of care.

I also think you should relax - stress will produce high BP, and it won't come back down immediately. Taking the BP twice is pretty standard. Some folks get nervous with appointments and will have high BP with the first, but after the appt and all the stress is gone, their BP will fall back down to normal. My DH has to do this *every* time he visits the doctor since he has such a nervous/fear of them. However, with your appt going the way it did, I wouldn't be surprised if your stress levels didn't fall. If you want to reassure yourself some, you might want to see if your local pharmacy has a BP machine so you can check it yourself and see if it's changed much.

I don't know much about the BP rating, but yours doesn't seem high to me. I could swear that's about what mine was at my last appt and the only comment I go was "it's abit high" (I usually register on the low end of the spectrum).

Dunno if this is much help!
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Yeah, I agree with the pp on that not being extremely high. I think I had a reading around there a month or so back, and when I sat in a softer chair it went down. Things like that can really effect it...hard chair, tight clothing, etc. Stress definitely, and it seems like having to walk across the building and take your weight twice, etc, could have been a bit stressful. Hope everything is okay!
I went to the pharmacy down the street and my BP was 114/78
...that's normal for me...but how reliable are those machines???

My mw does pee tests at every visit too...I don't know what is going on with their office. I still have a little headache (it's just looming) but I have a hx of migraines and that is what this feels like. I'll ask about their transfer rate. I just don't want to be 'labelled' high risk
...but if that is what it is then that is what it is! I'll have to work with it...and try to beat this!
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If what you got was your normal BP, I'd suspect it's pretty close to accurate. If you're concerned it's way off, you could always locate a second machine to double-check it.

But seriously, I think that's enough to relax about the BP issue. If your MW's office is close, you might call them and ask if you can come in and have it checked again, and tell them what your pharm results were.

Medical staff seem overly anxious to classify pregnancy as high risk, IMO. Realize that it has pretty much nothing to do with us, and everything to do with covering their legal butts. It's a sad state of affairs.
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Originally Posted by swngrrl
Medical staff seem overly anxious to classify pregnancy as high risk, IMO. Realize that it has pretty much nothing to do with us, and everything to do with covering their legal butts. It's a sad state of affairs.

This is exactly what my Mom told me...when it comes to babbies, newborns, and kids they are SUPER cautious in covering their is sad...but I guess they need to cover everything on their end.
I'm feeling much better today
. The appt went wel
l. At the begininng of the appt they took the bp and it was high again, then they had me wait for the results of the tests from the other day... The midwife came in and told me that all the tests were in the normal range and not one trace of protein has been in the urine/blood work! The 24hr jug test that I did, hadn't come back yet so I have yet another appt on Monday morning to go over those results and get a check up. She recommended that I get a portable blood pressure machine for my house and to check it several times a day...So that's it for now. I told her that I had been worrrying all this time and she told me not to worry but to call if my BP gets to a certain point. Good news overall!

...Now if I could just get rid of this headache! Do any of you get headaches with the weather?? I'm hoping that is all it is...
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