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Some of you might remember the crisis I went thru last July after our contraception failed. previous post

Well, DH called the employee's support services (??) and ask for a referal to a therapist. They first suggest a psychologist but she wasn't available before a long time. We had the name of a social worker that do couple's therapy but we were first told that they (the insurance) didn't cover SW. We talked to another person in the service and learned that they could make an exception as the psychologist wasn't an option due to the delay. We had our first session yesterday

Our first homework is to write down, seperately, what we want in life as a woman/man, as a mother/father, as a wife/husband. We have to listen to our deep desires, not our intellect. Being realistic does not matter for now.

We also have to do the dishes together after supper and to find a way to enjoy it.

We're going back next week.

We didn't have any big fight since our july crisis and were able to work out little arguments with maturity and respect.

So life is beautiful
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