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Update on pfamilygal

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Just wanted to let you know that Pfamilygal (Tamara) has been admitted to have her baby.

Her blood pressure has been acting up and today at work (she's a nurse) they noticed she didn't look so hot, so they took her bp and admitted her.

She will most likely be having a c/s tonight. Her first 2 were vag, 3rd was c/s for transverse lie, and they don't want to induce her with the high bp and previous c/s.

So please say a prayer for a healthy delivery for her!

She is either 36 weeks or 38 weeks. She wasn't quite sure on her dates... but was leaning towards the 38 weeks....

I'll update when I hear more!

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Yep! Let her know we're sending her happy baby-birthing vibes.
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Tamara, I can't wait to hear you're happily and healthily snuggling your baby! (((((HUGS))))) sandi
Can't wait for an update! Hope everything went very well!
Thanks for the update!

I almost fell out of my chair when I realized I had just run into you again Kimberly! LOL!

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Hope all goes well!

- Krista (fellow SCS'er)
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Hope everything goes well! Good luck wishes!
Hi Mandy and Krista!!

Tam is coming home today.... she is still pregnant... they got her blood pressure down with mag and are taking her off things so they can send her home on bed rest.

She'll go to the doc tomorrow to get more details on a "plan" from here!

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That's such good news that she's getting to come home and bake the babe a while longer.
Good luck to her!
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So glad things are working out!
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Oh that's great news! I'm glad they were able to get things under control. So much easier to let the baby get a little bit further and avoid any problems!

- Krista
Thanks, K, for updating everyone. Here's the full scoop.

I had to go up to labor and delivery last night after work because my blood pressure was elevated and I had a severe headache. They put me on Magnesium sulfate for 14 hrs to bring down my pressure (I am already on meds for chronic HTN). I've been released on strict bedrest until I see the doctor tomorrow. We will then make a plan. I want very much to have this baby without being on magnesium. It makes you feel so terrible and means I'll be on bedrest at least 24 hrs after delivery. So we are going to talk to the doctor about inducing or scheduling a c/s now, instead of waiting until the bp rises again. Given the choice between two evils I think I'd rather have the c/s than have mag again. At least after a c/s I still feel like me. The mag made me feel like being run over by a truck!

I need prayer for wisdom and guidance and for my potassium to go up. It was only 2.4 last night and if it is not at least 3.0 when he comes I will not be able to have an epidural or spinal. Which means if we have a c/s I will have to be under general anesthesia. I just ate some apricots and drank some OJ (I'm allergic to bananas) and will do more when I wake up.

I'm off to bed now. They woke me up last night for bp, reflex and clonus checks every 30 minutes and I am wiped.
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OH WOW~what an ordeal! Praying for ya! Get some GOOD REST tonight! (((((HUGS))))) sandi
I hope you got a good night's sleep and that your Potassium levels are where they should be!
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Lots of

THat's great, however that you are home and the babe gets a little more time at least to 'cook'.

All the best
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She's having her c/s in an hour or so.

Her blood pressure was high again (I think she said 158/97???).

So Luke will be here shortly!

She also had a biophysical profile and he didn't do so hot. He had previously been an 8/8 and today was a 4/8 so it is time to bring Lukey into the world!
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