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Update on SIL

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I posted awhile back about how worried I was about SIL and her upcoming birth in India. Most of the women seem to get csections these days, some because they don't want to bother with labor, others are for "failure to progress" after not getting a chance to labor beyond 6 hours. So we've been exchanging emails back and forth. She's almost into her 7th month and convinced that natural birth is best (they don't have epidurals so she doesn't have much choice-- that or a csection) and she's taking prenatal yoga classes, walking 45 mins a day, and I just sent her some links on Optimal Fetal Positioning. She was very receptive to it and will start doing the exercises soon. Also talked to her about her patient rights and how she is paying them, and it's her body, they can't make her do anything she doesn't want to agree to. MIL is getting copies of the emails so she can prepare to be a good advocate for her daughter.

I feel like I'm sending her mini-lectures via email.
Next lecture is on the stages of labor and what to expect, and after that we will talk about bfing. The more we have these conversations the more I feel her confidence rising. I'm very hopeful at this point that she will have the birth she wants!
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That's great news! I don't run into too many women who want to be educated like that, at least be educated by me since I'm not a doctor.

I really hope your SIL is able to manuever her way around the system and have a really wonderful birth. Keep us updated.
I was just thinking about your SIL when I saw one of your posts the other day... glad to hear that she is still so open and willing to educate herself and listen to your experiences and sharing.

Please know that I'm sending her warm wishes for a safe and beautiful birth...

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