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update on spotting

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4/8- So tonight when I went to the bathroom, I wiped an the blood was bright red. I freaked out and cried and told my dh, who told me that it was ok , and the baby would be ok. Suprisingly enough, that made me feel a little better.

I decided to call my ob(delivered dd and I really trust het opinion) and talked to her, and she said that I have about a 50% chance of m/c. I didn't want to go into the er, nothing they could do anyway. I think I am going to go into ob's office on monday and have hormone numbers drawn and then go back wed. (and maybe fri too) to do it again and see if numbers increase.

I also talked to my mom, I thought it would make me feel better, but it just made her worry.

Oh, the blood was only there when I wiped, I put on a pad just in case, and it stopped at the moment, but who knows?
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just found out this morning that I am pregnant. I started spotting about an hour ago. I have gone from so happy that I am preg, to terrified that I am going to lose this baby, all in one day!!! I am five weeks pregnant, btw. I thought that it would be too late for implantation bleeding, what else could be causing this????
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I started spotting at somewhere around that time, too. This time it's stopped, though. With my last pg it went on for the first 12 weeks & I still had a healthy baby boy.

Sending lots of sticky baby vibes your way, along with a few prayers, momma. ((()))


P.S. Congratulations on the +++!!!

ETA: I'm not sure what caused the spotting this time around but I know the reason for last time. I had a very sensitive cervix that would start bleeding when barely touched. It's so vascular & the blood flow increases so greatly during pg, even early pg, that this isn't uncommon.
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Well the spotting let up last night, and now there is only a streak of watery brown when I wipe. (sorry, tmi!) I do feel lots of cramping though and that worries me a little. I know I had cramping at this time w/ dd, Its just I didn't know I was even preg w/ her until about 11 weeks, so I thought all the cramping meant my period was going to start soon. Wow, 35 more weeks seems like such a loooooooong time to wait!!!
I have heard that spotting is ok, and cramping is ok. Its just when you are spotting and cramping at the same time that you need to notify your Dr. Lots of sticky vibes!!!
I also had spotting right after I got my BFP. It lasted off and on for a week. One day it was bright red. I did the same thing you did, cried on DH's shoulder. Luckily I had a DRs appt that same day. The only thing comforting about it was that my cervix was still closed. This was about two weeks ago. The spotting stopped completely until yesterday. I had it a few times when I went to the bathroom yesterday. It was only enough to show up on the TP. I was nervous again, but I know there is nothing I can do about it. I have my 2nd U/S on Thursday, when I will be exactly 7 weeks. Hopefully all will go well. I just wanted to say that I know what you are going through. It just feels absolutely frightening to see blood, regardless of how small the amount. I'm wishing you lots and lots of sticky baby dust. I hope everything is OK.
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