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Good news: Tonitex has agreed to take back the microfleece and give me a full refund after receiving the washed/dried swatches I sent them.

They are, however, not entirely convinced that other buyers across North America are not happy with their new supplier's product (since, incredibly, NO ONE else has complained), and would be interested to hear from others who have complaints about the quality before they look at changing their supplier again.

(A bit of history: Huntington Mills/Yukon, the original source, shut down last fall. Also, I do believe that our favorite online diaper-fabric stores here are still carrying the old, better supply from Tonitex, since one of them has told me on the D-M forum that she's had no bad feedback about it.)

In making my case to Tonitex, I offered to forward to them a printout of the feedback I've solicited among other WAHMs who have found Tonitex's new micro to pill badly and deteriorate in softness. (I personally found it unusable after a number of diaper load washes---some colours more than others.) A number of you have responded already in my original thread. Please post again here, and address your words to the company, knowing that they will read it.

Don't know about you, but I would SO love for them to switch to a better supplier, so there's once again another, more affordable alternative to Malden Mills.

Let me hear from you please---we can do this!

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