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Update: would you "drug" your baby for airplane??

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Let me tell you about our plane trip!! (thanks to all of you who submitted to the last thread)

Well, I boarded the airplane ith an arsenal of "just-in-case" remedies. In hand I had Hyland's teething tablets, Chamommilla, Baby Benedryl, and Rescue Remedy in case it got really bad. (edited to add: not for use all at once but each one on hand just in case it was needed to calm him during his teething) My plan was to have him nap to the airport, sling around to the plane, and hopefully sleep through the flight.
He sllept the last 20 minutes of the car ride and I slung him through the airport. He was still awake when we boarded and I was next to an empty seat, so I set up his carseat. He didn't want to nurse during takeoff so I crossed my fingers about his ears. The girl seated next to us was awesome and played with him until he dozed shortly after takeoff. He only slept for maybe a half an hour and then I started getting nervous because we were on a 3+ hour flight. I gave him a couple of Hylands just in case his teeth started hurting again and he did get a little squirmy/vocal when we had to be seated/buckled during turbulance and he needed his diaper changed. At that point I changed him, put him in his sling, and asked the stewardess if it was okay for me to pace their little cabin area. They said fine and let me sling him back there for an hour or so until he fell asleep and he ended up sleeping the rest of his flight. He woke up shortly before we landed and I nursed him through the descent.

Everyone was commenting about how wonderful he was and how cute he looked in his "papoose" (sling). One of the stewardesses came back and said, "You are such a good mamma. We are so proud of you. You really take care of your baby and he's so happy we can just tell!" The pilot even came out and helped me carry all of my stuff off of the plane.
There was a girl a few rows behind me with an adorale little red-headed girl with a Binky and stuffed Rabbit. She clung to them with dear life!! At one point she dropped her binky and I heard her mom telling another passenger "It's the only thing that shuts her up" and the other passenger commented on how vitally important it was to shut them up. They just laughed and laughed...
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How old was your baby on this trip? I'm taking Micah on a plane from the west coast of canada to Savannah (almost as south east as you can get!) in about a month. It will be around 15-18 hours of travel, and Micah will only be 8-10 weeks old. I'm looking for any and all suggestions for travelling with a baby... I have a sling, and plan on using that as much as possible. I still haven't figured out how to nurse with him in the sling though... Also, can you take a stroller and car seat on the plane, or do they make you check them in? It would be SO much easier for catching my connections (I'll have at LEAST two) if I could have my stroller with me... Anyways, hope to hear from you soon... How long was your flight, BTW?
The thing to keep in mind, in my opinion, is that AP is so well suited to travel! Your kid isn't looking around for a bunch of stuff... they are largely focused on YOU. They mind strange places less, sleeping in new beds less, etc. As long as you are there, parenting them like usual things are usually fine. Glad you had a nice flight!
Glad your trip went well - I have always had good luck traveling with my I am taking a trip in a couple of week with a 3.5 year old and and 18 month old - ALL BY MYSELF - YIKES we will see how it goes!

I always check the stoller and unused carseats at the gate when I board - it always comes off the plan at each changeover. I don't think that allow you to store them in the seating area.
Organique Gal~What a long trip! Good luck! Davis was 3.5 months and it was a 3.5 hour flight. Yes, you can take a carseat and stroller to the gate, where they will have it waiting for you as soon as you get off of your flight. If you didn't purchase a seat for your child I suggest you do as I did and ask for one next to an empty seat. That way you have the extra room if you need it and can put the car seat in there if you'd like. I also haven't figured out how to nurse in the sling and I just did so in my seat. In my circimstance he wasn't very interested in my boob due to everything being new. He's like that, he won't go potty or nurse for an hour or two if he's excited and around new things.

The thing to keep in mind, in my opinion, is that AP is so well suited to travel!
I agree!! You don't have to take a crib (if CS) and no bottles (if BF). In my case I didn't have to lug around a stoller all over the airport or worry about dropping/losing toysor pacifiers. He is so aware and engaged in things that simply being in a new place was more entertainment than any contraption I could have brought for him.
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I flew back home twice now with my 4yr.old, 5yr.old, and when Ella was 3mos. and 6mos. all by myself. Needless to say it was tiring but we made it just fine. I didnt take her carseat (my mom borrowed one to pick us up) but did take my sling and an umbrella stroller. Everyone around us was very helpful and nice. I dont think i would "drug" as you put it, my baby, but glad to know things went well enough that you didnt have to.
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