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I have the following items for sale or trade:


1 Ivy Rose QD- M $15.00ppd

This is in VGC, it is purple outside, with a sage/floral print inside.

1 FMBG-Kickin Chicken - L $17.00ppd

This is EC, washed only, never worn (Too big for Adriana)

1 Zootkitty- Space- M $10.00ppd

Happy Heiny's
These are ALL brand NEW, never used/washed.. I just prefer snaps to aplix. Addy is still in a size M, so these have never been worn.
Asking $13.50ppd (ea)
2 Zebra Print- L
1 Gecko Print- L
1 Man in the Moon- L
1 Black Hawiian Flower-L

Fitted Diapers

3 Bellies and Buns- Size 2/L ALL HEMP, Tan thread- $9.00ea


2 Sugarbums- M- $6.00ppd (Ea)

1 Purple, 1 Butterfly Print

Wet Bags

3 Baseball w/Zipper Closure - $7.00ppd (Ea)

These are new, they were made to sell at my site', but I decided that my family needed my attention more, and sold my store.

1 Navy Blue Drawstring Closure, Size Small- $6.00ppd


1 Teal w/Lavender Wool Cover - M $20.00ppd
Like New, worn maybe 2-3 times

1 Lavender w/Teal- M $20.00ppd

Worn 1 time

5 Snap-Ins- M $10.00ppd (ea)
These are all like new... I just need the money more than I do the extra diapers.


1 Primary Color TieDye Print- $18.00ppd

EC, slight fading, no tears, rips, or staining... elastic is like new.

My ISO List

Pageant Type Dress in a 18-24mth size

Kissaluv's size 0 in GC for a IRL friend who just said she wants to CD (WOOHOO!!!) Or if you have some you want to sell reasonably, PM me

January Ice Star Fuzbomb- L (Excellent Condition Only!)

Sewing Machine- EC only please

Embroidery Machine- EC only please

Snap Press- Resin Snaps
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