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Updates on me...

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Well, Im now 4 weeks pregnant!

I want to thank you guys for the nice messages when I first lost Amelia. And now I need more.....please send me lots of sticky baby vibes and pray for a normal and boring pregnancy!


Hey girls! I'm glad to see everyone is doing so well! I wanted to update everyone with what went wrong with me and Amelia...



Yesterday afternoon I met with my MW to discuss my hospital records and kind of go over everything that did and didn't happen.

Good news:

I kept my uterus and avoided a classical c-section...barely.

The most obvious cause of my pProm was the complete previa. Theory is that my rupture was low (makes sense as it was a huge gush and left me with an AFI of 0) and along the placenta (makes sense as the previa can cause PROM with blood flow irritating the membrains). So, assuming the next pregnancy is sans complete previa I ought to be in the clear.

MW has never had a pProm recurrence. OB either. I've looked at some other research and it seems that all pProm studies, of which there are about 3, have other factors like GBS, PTL, IC. I had neither PTL or IC. We agreed that the 30% recurrence study is flawed (too few women and there being that there's few ways to pin point what caused the pProm who knows what was really recurring beyond the pProm'ing)

Many peri's believe pProm isn't what's recurring as much as whatever caused the pProm. Again, IC, PTL, untreated BV or GBS.

P17 shots are an option the next time around.

My infection does seem to be AFTER the rupture and it was massive. Knowing that the infection was so bad makes me calm in not trying to bedrest it out. My WBC count only went down slightly after 24 hours of round-the-clock antibiotics.

Bad News:

My records aren't complete. I'm missing my labor notes, PP notes and some other stuff. It'll take 30 days to get that part.

The UAV ObGyn didn't culture me so who knows if I was GBS + at the time.

The UAV ObGyn thought I was going to bleed out and did want to section me as much as it seemed like he did at the time. IMO, he was also ready to remove my uterus as well. UAV.

I'm going to be scared to death, I assume, until I hit 24 weeks and know that I'd likley have a live baby if I did pProm again.

So, tomorrow I see my OB, not a UAV, and get cultured for anything and everything. Assuming it's - then perhaps I can rest easy with the previa explaination. Assuming it's + then perhaps I can rest easy after some anti-biotics.

MW is so so amazing. Of course I was a mess the whole visit. I think I used up an entire box of tissue. The birthcenter is being remodeled and she says
"You'll get to use the new rooms when you're pregnant again!" Oh gosh, the idea made me feel so good. I feel way less scared and maybe even excited about ttc. I didn't know what I'd do the next pregnancy....if I'd go highrisk or lowrisk or what. I know now that I can just do high risk as I want during pregnancy and have whatever birth I want.

I really, really want to be pregnant.
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I'm so glad to hear your update, and hope you can find some comfort in discussing it all with your MW.
I am sending you all my babydust and safe, uneventful pregnancy vibes!
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That's very good to hear...I love when things are not reoccurring. Good luck on your next ttc journey and I'm so glad you came back to tell us.
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I'm glad to hear that. FWIW, Isaac was conceived seven weeks after we lost Rowan to pProm and cord prolapse at 24 weeks, and he's sitting here next to me now. Healthy and alert, and a royal PITA, and all my births since then have been easy, normal HB- with late ROM for two of them. PAL is a journey all of its own, though. There is probably never going to be a problem when you stop worrying- Amelia's birth may have brought you some wonderful things, but the innocence of pregnancy = baby is probably never going to be yours again. We'll get you through it. YOU'll get you through it.

And no, I can't wait for you to be pregnant again either
Have fun trying, though...
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thanks so much for the update! As hard as it was, it sounds therapeutic and so beneficial to piece events together with the midwife and get some ideas of what may have happened, the liklihood of it happening again, and some plans for how to proceed in the future. One more step on your journey. Wishing you the very best! Keep us posted!
Cindy, I'm so happy to hear such a wonderful update! Maybe your next big update will be to announce that you're pregnant!!!! I'm sending you lots of fertility dust.
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