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Hey that's a great idea!!

I have thought about it, I redid my couch top to bottom, and although it was a daunting project, the finished outcome was fabulous!

I got some really great green velour type upholstery fabric from a garge sale, and had just barely enough. I bought some super pretty red toned floral print in a really cool textured upholstery fabric for the piping. I had to use a similar shade to do the bottoms of my couch cusions as I only had enough green for the tops, but it looks great, and matches, and the red pulls it all together.
If someone can PM me and let me know how to put a pic up here, I will of my cool couch.

My mom helped a lot as she does lots of this kind of work, so that made it a lot easier.

How much do you charge? Per peice of per hour?

Any other info about it would be great! Thanks!
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