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upper GI tomorrow am

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i think i have an ulcer. i had horrible pains a few weeks ago and have been taking Zantac for the pain but have to go for an upper GI and ultrasound tomorrow. i also take probiotics now (3 a day).
anyone else do this?
they said no food or water after midnight. since im bf'ing, im concerned about hte "no water" after midnight (appt. at 9am). how good do i have to be re: drinks? anyone know?
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I would be as "good" as you can about it...but whenever I have had one, my doc always said that it was okay to have enough water to take my meds with, so you could get away with a sip here and there.

my tip...the nasty stuff they give you to drink...ditch the straw if they give you one. It takes so much longer with a straw and it just gets unbearable after a while. Just chug it if you can.

I have never had one while nursing...but you might want to double check if it's okay to breastfeed right after the procedure.

oh...and your poop may be white for the rest of the day or so (sorry for the TMI...but it really creeped me out the first time)

I hope it goes well for you!
Drink lots of water after. When I had one a few years ago I asked if I should be worried about constipation and they said no.

OMGoodness, I've never been so stopped up. Drink lots of water to help flush all of it out and if you feel like you haven't gone like you normally do consider taking something to help.

Best wishes. I hope they find out what's causing your pain.
thanks for the advice. now off to bf'ing to see if i need to start pumping!
i just did a search and barenium ? is what i have to take. lists that its ok for me to nurse with. just wanted to update the thread.
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